Abu Dhabi and Dubai Chosen as the World’s First Cities within Global Metaverse Launch

Following the Government of Dubai announcing the formation of the Higher Committee for Future Technology and Digital Economy to oversee the city’s push to become a leading global hub for metaverse technology adoption, Metarverse Holdings have selected Dubai and Abu Dhabi as the first cities to be launched within the ‘world first’ virtual world to replicate true real life experiences and places, with a Beta version due to be live by October 2022 and available globally by the end of the year.

Users globally will be able to experience Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s greatest attractions and landmarks alongside real world utilities from the comfort of their homes  – merging the physical and digital world.

Unlike other VR applications that create small scale, digital fantasy worlds, the new platform is bringing a complete Metaverse with full device compatibility and designed to stream quickly. Users can find synergy between their needs and the platform that  encompasses NFT’s block chain trading, functionality to shop and  view products in the biggest retail stores, buy advertising space in the virtual city, attend simulated lectures, register for licences and  government issued documentation and more.

Upon the announcement, Priven Reddy, CEO of Dubai based Metarverse Holdings said: “Dubai and Abu Dhabi were the obvious selection for the very first simulated areas within our new metaverse. After evaluating other territories, the decision was made easy with the UAE as global leaders in disruptive technologies, and driven by the mission and vision of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed and the Dubai Government as a whole.”

“This vision consolidates the Emirates as leaders in adopting innovative new concepts and disruptive economic and technological models, so for us, there was only one place we could launch. More so than Europe or the United States, people all over the world are fascinated by the rise of the Emirates and the attractions, developments, transport, education and culture , and inspired by a speed of innovation that other countries can only dream of. With the new platform, Metarverse Holdings is committed to investing AED 200 Million  into our project, to help us showcase all of this and satisfy the demand of all users who can now experience Dubai and Abu Dhabi for themselves”, he concluded.

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