Abu Dhabi Breaks Through in Decentralized Data Control, Launches Major AI Company AI71

Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC) strides boldly into the realm of artificial intelligence with the launch of AI71, an innovative AI company stemming from the Technology Innovation Institute’s (TII) Falcon generative AI models.

This venture marks a significant leap in AI capabilities, offering unprecedented data control options for companies and nations seeking heightened privacy through self-hosted AI solutions.

The unveiling of AI71 was orchestrated by H.H. Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, in the presence of esteemed ministers and representatives from leading multinational tech companies.

ATRC’s Technology Innovation Institute pioneered Falcon 7B, 40B, and 180B large language models (LLMs). Now, ATRC’s VentureOne subsidiary drives AI71 into diverse sectors, initially focusing on medicine, education, and law. Leveraging vast anonymized data stores in these sectors, AI71 stands apart, harnessing the UAE’s advanced e-infrastructure.

In an era where innovation often surpasses regulatory frameworks, the UAE government’s nimble decision-making positions AI71 to swiftly propel responsible AI advancements globally, bypassing lengthy developmental processes.

AI71’s partnerships and collaborations will enable clients to deploy sophisticated AI models, accessing extensive data reservoirs while retaining decentralized data ownership. This emphasis on data sovereignty sets a new benchmark for privacy and security in AI projects, making it a game-changing option for enterprises and foreign government entities concerned about data privacy.

With a mission rooted in accessibility and innovation, AI71 aims to democratize AI, ensuring broader access and fostering creative advancements. Its focus on bolstering Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s AI credentials signifies the country’s ascent in the knowledge economy.

It is worth noting that AI71’s initial focus on medical AI aims to revolutionize diagnostics and decision-making, promising a transformative impact on patient care. The integration of AI into education and law foresees nuanced benefits leading to societal development.

Collaborating with seven strategic partners, including governmental bodies and tech giants, AI71 aims to transform industries and governments by harnessing AI capabilities tailored to diverse sectoral needs.

With AI shaping our future, AI71’s strategic growth plans aim to meet industry demands, fostering an AI-first ecosystem in the UAE and beyond.

VentureOne, its partnering entity, will also introduce new specializations to meet evolving sectoral demands.

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