After Obtaining a License in Dubai, OasisX Launches its Platform in Beirut

OasisX, a curated NFT marketplace & creator studio that empowers artists, creators and brands with safe and accessible to launch NFTs at scale, held the biggest NFT event in Lebanon, NFT LB, in Sodeco Square, on September 20, 2022.

Sponsored by Cryptoware, Sodeco Square and Aether, NFT LB brought over 500 creators, collectors, and NFT enthusiasts under one roof to display what this technology is truly capable of.

The event consisted of an art gallery with 23 curated artists, state of the art VR experiences with Altered Realities, keynote speakers, a panel, and much more.

“NFT LB is a series of events that is being launched in Lebanon. We have on board more than 200 artists and 20 brands interested in using our services to launch their NFT collections,” said Mr. Najib Khanafer, co-founder of OasisX.

“What is special about us is that we are a regional marketplace that understands MENA artists, their ambition and their expectations. We want to help them grow, as well as to grow with them. Technically, we are the first NFT Creator Studio & Multichain marketplace in the MENA region, as our platform works better with Ethereum, Polygon and Solana. But what is mostly interesting about us is LaunchX, the Launchpad where creators and brands can generate artwork, as well as smart contracts, minting pages, and the launch of their NFT projects in a couple of minutes. This combination of marketplace and Launchpad distinguishes OasisX globally,” he added.

OasisX’s two main sponsors, Cryptoware and Aether, briefed the attendees on their companies and their main services, varying from NFT Marketplace, Decentralized Exchanges and Funds, Governance and DAOs, NFT Ticketing, Memberships, generators, launchpads, Tokenomics design, Smart Contract Auditing, Game Blockchain Integration, Soulboud Token, and much more.

Meanwhile, artists were present next to their screened NFTs, to share their passion with collectors and NFT enthusiasts.

In addition to that, OasisX, which has obtained its license on February 22nd from the DMCC freezone, made sure to allocate an info space for beginners, to get to learn more about the world of NFTs, minting, trading, etc.

Furthermore, OasisX organized a two-hour panel with “Xceptional” speakers including fine arts photographer, Lara Zankoul, Cryptoware’s technology mastermind, Jad Jabbour, Omar Kandil, CEO of Obcido, and Joey Eid, Co-founder of PT Futures.

The panel, hosted by Stephanie Abou Chakra, the Marketing lead at OasisX, sought to teach more about incorporating NFTs into businesses, brands, galleries, and artists.

The panel also focused on the importance of developing a marketing strategy for NFTs, combining Web2 and Web3 in that purpose. It also highlighted the challenges that artists and galleries faced and are still facing when selling their tokens.

It is important to note that for multichain, OasisX started off with Ethereum, Polygon and Solana. Moreover, the platform supports any EVM-based chain and will be rolling out much more in the future such as BSC and others. In fact, the FIAT checkout element is done through a third-party called WERT.

As for the services offered by OasisX, they include:

1) Creator Studio (LaunchX)

  – ART generator

  – Smart contract generator (ERC 1155 and ERC 721)

  – Minting page creator

  – Consulting and advisory on NFT projects

2) Multichain NFT marketplace

  – Curated artists

  – Trading of well-known NFT projects (BAYC, ENS, Doodles, etc.)

  – Fiat checkout

  – Multilingual support

  – Power tools such bulk creation and bulk listing

Converting a physical product into a digital asset has the potential to improve supply chains, reduce intermediaries, and increase security. Thanks to NFTs, artists can now engage directly with their audiences, eliminating the need for expensive agents and time-consuming transactions.

Nevertheless, expecting to receive three to four-fold returns when selling an NFT could be disappointing, for an artist should treat the market as if it were a traditional one. However, if they decide to do it wisely and with caution, only the sky is their limit.

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