Al Fardan Ventures Brings Japanese FinTech Innovation to the MENA Region

A major signature of a long-term business partnership between Al Fardan Ventures and Canaan Advisors has taken place, in the hope of launching a blockchain-based real estate investment platform in the Middle East and Africa market.

This venture will be led by Mr. Mohammed Ebrahim Al Fardan, a global technology leader from the Arab world with more than 33 years of experience, spanning from major multinational technology firms to investment firms, and with a strong and solid global network in gaming, artificial intelligence, Mixed Reality, FinTech, Blockchain, Internet-of-Things, and metaverse.

Canaan Advisors is a Japanese FinTech startup founded by Mr. Tokumasa Yamashita, a finance and technology expert with more than 18 years of professional working experience in real estate private equity, management consulting and software development. Canaan Advisors will be providing the necessary financial know-how and the technology solution that will be used for this venture.

“There are lots of attractive real estate investment opportunities in the MENA region that are only accessible by a small group of extremely wealthy investors. We look forward to unlocking these investment opportunities and making them accessible to people of all income levels!” said Yamashita.

Al Fardan Ventures is a venture capital firm with a very carefully selected projects and industries. Today Al Fardan Ventures has a number of startups and growth companies from around the world in their portfolio.

“Our vision is to make high-yielding real estate investment opportunities in emerging markets easily accessible to anyone. Our partnership with Mohammed E. Al Fardan enables us to enter the MENA market and expand our global footprint, and we are very excited about this opportunity!” – SAYS Tokumasa Yamashita

“First of all, I am pleased to be approached and recognized by an important industry and from a respected nation like Japan. Second, Digitizing Real Estate assets has always been an important element in my plans, those who read my articles will remember that. It is time to make the MENA region a major global player in the industry. We will be revolutionizing the real estate investment market enabling everyone to invest in real estate project by digitizing the assets.” Said Mohammed E. Al Fardan.

“Timing is just perfect, we are on time, so ensure you don’t miss the train.” Mohammed E. Al Fardan added.

Canaan Advisors, Inc. is a Japanese startup that develops and operates the Zenihub platform, a blockchain-based real estate investment platform that focuses on fractionalizing properties in emerging markets.

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