Alps Blockchain to Launch Advanced Mining Farm in Green Data City, Oman

Green Data City LLC, a Oman-based company, has forged an alliance with Italy’s Alps Blockchain SpA, facilitated through its subsidiary, Alps Middle East SPC.

Their collaboration aims to erect a cutting-edge blockchain data center in Oman, marking a significant stride in the region’s technological advancement.

The venture, to be housed within Green Data City’s hub, will initiate its inaugural phase with a robust 6.5MW mining farm.

Alps Blockchain is slated to commence deployment of containerized units equipped with the latest Bitmain S21 machines come January 2024. Notably, Bitmain, renowned as the largest mining equipment manufacturer globally, has been a longstanding partner of Alps Blockchain.

The S21 mining ASIC’s unparalleled efficiency, clocking in at 16 to 17 joules per terahash (J/TH), sets a new benchmark in the market. This efficiency overhaul significantly curtails energy consumption, crucial in fortifying Bitcoin network security and mining sustainability.

It is worth noting that energy efficiency takes center stage for Green Data City, nestled in Oman’s southern region, maintaining ambient temperatures below 29 degrees even in the summer months. This natural advantage substantially mitigates cooling demands compared to other locales.

Additionally, the presence of cold deep ocean waters promises further natural cooling in subsequent development phases, minimizing operational energy requirements.

The strategic selection of Oman stems from multifaceted advantages. Besides the favorable geographic landscape, the partners laud Oman’s Green Data City mining license for long-term security, the government’s stable energy policies, and the nation’s robust plans for extensive renewable energy development.

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