Animoca Brands and Param Labs Join Forces to Innovate Gaming Industry in MENA

Param Labs, a force in game and technology development based in Abu Dhabi, has forged a strategic partnership with Animoca Brands, a frontrunner in advancing digital property rights within gaming and the open metaverse.

The collaboration aims to harness Animoca Brands’ expertise to fortify Param Labs’ go-to-market strategy, particularly in the area of launching innovative Web3 products.

Additionally, the partnership seeks to refine Param Labs’ blockchain and token economy design, pushing both companies towards the forefront of the evolving gaming industry.

Param Labs boasts a portfolio of several products, including Kiraverse, a Web3 TPS, and Pixel To Poly, a platform transforming 2D NFTs into dynamic 3D game assets. The latter, Pixel To Poly, is set to advance game asset creation by employing AI to seamlessly transition artwork into sophisticated 3D designs, compatible with popular gaming platforms like GTA V and Fortnite Creative Mode.

As part of the collaboration, Param Labs will introduce its Pixel To Poly platform to selected Animoca Brands’ projects and portfolio companies, providing them with access to cutting-edge technology for enhancing their game asset creation process.

Moreover, other initiatives are on the horizon for Param Labs, including the launch of a free-mint NFT campaign and the publication of its litepaper, detailing the company’s game economy and infrastructure.

With a network of Layer 2 and Layer 3 solutions featuring parallelized VMs such as Move and SVM, Param Labs could transform the gaming landscape through its innovative Web3 framework and modular blockchain architecture.

This partnership signifies a significant step for Param Labs and the broader Web3 gaming ecosystem in the MENA region. With Animoca Brands’ support, Param Labs is primed to pioneer new frontiers in the Web3 and gaming sectors, driving innovation and fostering a more inclusive and immersive gaming experience for players worldwide.

Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, emphasized the alignment of both companies’ visions to redefine the gaming landscape. “We’re excited to partner with Param Labs to advance digital property rights in gaming, bringing us a step closer to realizing the vision of the truly open metaverse,” Siu said. “Together, we’re working to transform the industry, emphasizing the value of gamer experiences and ownership.”

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