Arab sports media enters Blockchain NFT Sphere

Arab sports media, Kooora, enters the Blockchain, NFT and the Web3 universe in partnership with Blockchain based ecosystem Sphera World and UAE Deca4, Blockchain consultancy firm. Koora, founded by Khaled Al-Dosari in 2002, covers 40 different sports while managing thriving community online.

Sphera World is operated by Sphera Inc, a Blockchain based ecosystem which encompasses its Utility Token as well as valuable sports related NFTs ranging from memorabilia to events ticketing.

UAE DECA4, Blockchain consultancy studio based in Dubai, will be empowering the sports media company Sport InkSport, a sports media company mandated to manage Kooora, into this venture. With its extensive expertise and wide-ranging panel of advisors from both, the tech and business worlds, DECA4 will allow Kooora’s users to interact with a range of environments, including e-sports, e-games, the Metaverse, sports related NFTs and more in an ever-growing sports universe.

As the Leading Arab sports media platform in the MENA region, Kooora site and brand has led the pack in engagement, with its 25 million unique monthly users. It seeks to maintain that position by strongly entering in the Web3.0 universe. Sphera, powered by Kooora, shall be the backbone of an array of services, activities and entertainment for the community.

Frequent users of the website will be rewarded with tokens that can be used to:

● Access to VIP forums and content

● Sporting events ticketing
● Access goods and services from online and offline stores

● Early access to some events taken on the website

● Participate in sports-related tournaments

This will enable the growth of Kooora’s user base and provide its thriving community with a smooth transition to the community-driven space, Web 3.0 and the Metaverse, with exclusive partnerships and fan inclusion.

In the short-term, Sphera World will be launching an NFT auction based on physical sports memorabilia, such as signed football jerseys of some of the most popular MENA football players. DECA4 will coordinate the event, which will be the first use-case for Sphera. The traction generated by the NFT launch will be used to enhance the reach of the future launch of the platform into the crypto space.

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