Balancing Innovation and Responsibility: UAE Tech Leaders Stress Cautious Adoption of AI for Future Benefits at Chief Future Officer Forum

During the inaugural Chief Future Officer Forum in Dubai, UAE technology experts acknowledged the crucial role of cutting-edge tools such as artificial intelligence in driving a rapid digital transformation, but urged that caution be exercised in their usage.

While organizations are eager to adopt these technologies that have the potential to yield significant positive outcomes, the panelists emphasized the need to remain vigilant about any unintended consequences.

Ussama Dahabiyeh, CEO of Injazat, a tech firm that is part of Abu Dhabi’s G42, spoke about the excitement and fear surrounding digital transformation, noting that in the next five to ten years, people will wield much more powerful tools.

At the Chief Future Officer Forum in Dubai, technology leaders have emphasized the importance of responsible use of digital transformation tools, including artificial intelligence (AI).

While these tools offer great potential for positive outcomes, there is also a need to address any unintended consequences, such as data privacy and security issues.

Dahabiyeh also noted that with more powerful tools, we will see a greater integration of machines in our daily lives, from sensors to robots, all connected to powerful AI models. Therefore, it is crucial to have proper infrastructure in place to support and ensure the reliability of these technologies.

Talal Al Kaissi, CEO of G42 Cloud, added that AI will require muscle power, and that’s where the infrastructure comes in. Overall, the panelists stressed the importance of taking bold actions to build and implement the necessary infrastructure and ethical considerations for responsible use of emerging technologies.

According to the International Data Corporation, the Middle East, Turkey and Africa region is set to invest more than $74 billion in digital transformation by 2026, with both enterprises and governments recognizing the crucial role it plays in driving growth and development in society.

Protecting the proprietary data sets that underpin AI initiatives is of paramount importance, with these data assets requiring the same level of protection as national security data. The importance of investing in digital transformation cannot be understated, as it is seen as the key to achieving long-term stability and success for organizations.

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the Internet of Things have gained significant attention from both individuals and organizations. However, the most popular technology is AI and machine learning, with generative AI, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, gaining a lot of traction.

It has sparked a competition with Google’s Bard, caught the attention of Twitter CEO Elon Musk, and motivated Apple to enhance Siri.

Despite the benefits, AI’s potential to replace human jobs and become more dangerous as it learns independently has raised concerns. While AI has the power to transform various types of work and provide productivity gains, deploying it responsibly is crucial.

The responsible implementation of new technologies can offer economic and financial benefits, and it should not deter companies from adopting them. Organizations typically take advantage of new technologies when they recognize their value in terms of cost optimization and enablement.

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