BSV Blockchain launches incubator for Saudi startups

BSV blockchain launches an incubator for Saudi Arabian startups in partnership with Saudi Firm Expert Vision Consulting. BSV has been advancing its presence in the MENA region in last couple of months. Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of the BSV blockchain’s association, announced that they have partnered with a Saudi firm to launch an incubator for Blockchain startups, with a focus on the BSV blockchain.

“Dr. Basim Zafar, CEO of EVC, who is also on the BSV Global Council board stated, ” We are pleased to be working on the creation of B Venture Studio, which is essentially an incubator-accelerator type of program to foster the growth of startup ventures particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who are using blockchain with a specific focus on BSV.”

The new venture will join London-based incubator Satoshi Block Dojo in fostering the next generation of BSV startups.

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