BSV Blockchain to launch global conference in UAE

BSV Blockchain is unveiling its newest incarnation entitled the BSV Blockchain Convention in Dubai UAE in May 2022.

The first of the events will be held in Dubai in May 2022 and moves the events into a new realm and scale. Focusing, as always, on BSV Blockchain, the world’s largest public blockchain by all major utility metrics: data storage and daily transaction volume, scaling ability and average block size. The Global Blockchain Convention (#GBC2022) will bring together brilliant thinkers, industry leaders, product launches and major announcements for a five-day convention including three days of conference and expo. 

The event will see high profile panels, presentations and discussions alongside a VIP opening event, an exhibition hall, networking events, pitch days and executive lunches, all with the opportunity to tap into the energy and ideas of the growing BSV community and the chance for dialogue with leading members driving the growth of BSV Blockchain technology today. Key industry leaders will attend to share how they are utilizing BSV, their future visions for the blockchain and the new products, services and ventures that will shape the landscape going forward.

In the first visit to Dubai, having previously taking in Hong Kong, New York and London (both twice), Toronto, Seoul and Zurich, the Convention will continue to be backed by Ayre Ventures and produced in partnership, and extensively covered and streamed by CoinGeek.

Calvin Ayre, Venture Capitalist, Real Estate Developer, Founder of Ayre Group and CoinGeek, commented: “As BSV has expanded so significantly since the last conference, mostly handling over 2 million transactions a day now, we felt that the Convention needed to offer a wider remit to its delegates. As larger companies and even Governments become interested in the power of the BSV Blockchain the Convention also needed to more directly reflect what is on offer in Dubai this May.”

The BSV Enterprise Blockchain can handle almost limitless amounts of data, all immutably stored and at a very low cost — it’s about time big business took notice of what BSV can do for them. Unlike the tech behind the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with applications built on the BSV Blockchain the user keeps their data and can even earn from it as a whole new internet (the Metanet). BSV is also the greenest blockchain on the planet as conformed by CoinCarbonCap and Canadian auditors MNP in their recent report on the subject.

As always, the event will be live streamed for those that cannot make it in person, but we hope to see many of you at the fantastic Grand Hyatt Dubai from May 24th to 26th 2022. For more details click Global Blockchain Convention.

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