BULLZ Partners with TDeFi To Accelerate Web3 Creator Economy Growth

“TikTok of Crypto” video recommendations app, BULLZ, is excited to share its partnership with a crypto startup incubator and advisory firm TDeFi. The partnership, announced by BULLZ CEO & Founder, Melanie Mohr, during an opening speech in the TDeFi Pavilion at GITEX Global 2022 in Dubai, will further accelerate the growth of the Web3 creator economy to BULLZ, by bringing the app’s mighty army of Web3 content creators to TDeFi’s wealth of industry-changing portfolio projects, to create content that is both educational and supports social proof for the digital asset community. Furthermore, the partnership brings BULLZ on board with TDeFi’s Marketing & Community division, providing invaluable access to the incubator’s community-building strategies. 

As the creator economy boom continues to unfold, with an estimated $104.2B market size, platforms and technologies that help creators monetize become more lucrative. BULLZ has amassed lifestyle, Web3, metaverse, NFT, and crypto influencers, with already exceeding 30k videos on the platform. Available for both iOS and Android users, the app pays out creators daily based on the engagement their content receives and a trusted peer-reviewed rating the content has to pass before earning. While users “create-to-earn” through the integrated WOM Protocol, the app has further expanded its features for verified creators to see dedicated marketing campaigns from Web3 projects and provide videos for earning more rewards. 

The content requests are all set up through the BULLZ Campaign Manager. After a Web3 project sets up the campaign, it is immediately broadcasted to verified BULLZ creators within the app. Creators can view the details, discover the project and decide whether to submit to the campaign by creating a video about the project and depending on the settings also sharing the content on Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram

TDeFi connects projects with some of the most prominent and respected influencers in the digital asset community. TDeFi has already assisted 45+ companies, including Vulcan Verse, Bridge Network, Edverse, PalmSwap, CR Square, and Drife, improving their offerings and assisting them in the design and creation of their token projects. TDeFi will utilize the BULLZ Campaign Manager to continue growing its reach in the crypto influencer space while fueling digital asset content marketing strategies across its crypto portfolio. 

Gaurav Dubey, CEO of TDeFi said: “We work with game-changing Web3 projects who need excellent influencers to help spread awareness, education and social proof and videos are definitely one of the most engaging and entertaining mediums to do so. It’s exciting to see how BULLZ incentivizes/monetizes Web3 content creators and we look forward to connecting these creators with our portfolio.”

Melanie Mohr, CEO & Founder of BULLZ said: “I’m honored to open the TDeFi Pavilion at this year’s GITEX Global and spread the word about our partnership with TDeFi. We welcome the chance to bring our Web3 content creator community together with TDeFi’s portfolio, to accelerate more creator economy growth through web3 brand campaigns.” 

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