Cardano Foundation Partners with Dubai Blockchain Center to Boost Blockchain Education

The Cardano Foundation has unveiled a significant alliance with the Dubai Blockchain Center (DBCC), renowned for its strides in technological innovation. This dynamic partnership aims to fortify and broaden the Cardano community, extending a warm invitation to both existing enthusiasts and newcomers to delve into the distinctive features of Cardano’s technology. This collaboration will introduce a specialized certification program tailored for Cardano enthusiasts, featuring educational seminars geared towards equipping individuals and organizations with comprehensive knowledge of the advanced functionalities and practical applications of the Cardano blockchain.

Both the Cardano Foundation and the Dubai Blockchain Center share a profound commitment to advancing blockchain education and awareness. Leveraging expertise from the Cardano Foundation’s subject matter specialists, this partnership will integrate content from the Cardano Academy into customized, face-to-face training sessions. This enduring collaboration aims to significantly elevate blockchain literacy and adoption throughout the MENA region, with plans to offer certified courses.

Expressing enthusiasm for the partnership, Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, remarked: “Today, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with the Dubai Blockchain Center. Blockchain stands as a pivotal technology with the potential to reshape societal norms for the better. Education stands as the cornerstone to realizing this change. Through partnerships with esteemed leaders like the Dubai Blockchain Center, we aim to broaden the scope and impact of our educational endeavors.”

Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center and Senior Advisor to Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism, echoed this sentiment, stating: “We are excited to announce our collaboration with the Cardano Foundation, aligning with DBCC’s mission to advance education, training, and research in blockchain technology. Together, we aim to equip a new generation of blockchain enthusiasts with tailored educational programs and innovative technology solutions, specifically designed to support the application and understanding of Cardano’s advanced blockchain technology.”

Moreover, this partnership strengthens the burgeoning ties between the Cardano Foundation and key institutions in Dubai and the Middle East. Following the success of bringing the Cardano Summit to Dubai in 2023, the Foundation will once again host the summit from October 23rd to 24th this year.

In conclusion, Frederik Gregaard emphasized: “Dubai is increasingly recognized as a hub for blockchain technology, with ongoing investments and commitments to its advancement. By deepening our engagement in Dubai and the wider region, the Cardano Foundation remains steadfast in propelling the adoption and operational resilience of this pivotal technology.”

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