‘Climate Action Acceleration Through the New Web3 Economy’ Program in Dubai Presented at UN Headquarters in New York

Digital innovation, with a particular focus on Web3 technologies, possesses significant potential to expedite the realization of global climate and sustainable development objectives.

Achieving a climate-resilient future requires the active involvement of all segments of society, particularly empowering the youth.

These were the central messages conveyed during the conference titled ‘Co-Creating the Future: Advancing the Localization of SDGs Through Digital Innovation, with a Focus on Youth.’

The conference took place on September 13 and 14 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and was coordinated by a coalition of UN agencies, including UN Habitat and UN Environment, in collaboration with civil society organizations.

Notably, the Climate Chain Coalition, a preeminent multi-stakeholder platform in the realm of blockchain and climate, represented the United Nations as an observing organization at the event.

Within the framework of this occasion, the Future Blockchain Summit introduced the theme and program for the upcoming ‘Climate Action Through the New Web3 Economy‘ event, scheduled for October 18 in Dubai.

Established in 2018, the Future Blockchain Summit stands as the world’s largest blockchain event with government backing. This year, the event has undergone a transformation, incorporating a dedicated Climate Day in collaboration with Miroslav Polzer, the Strategic Director of the Climate Chain Coalition. Themed as ‘Fueling the Web3 Revolution,’ the Future Blockchain Summit is set to take place at Dubai Harbour from October 15 to 18, concurrently with Expand North Star, recognized as the most internationally diverse startup event globally.

With this in mind, the ‘Climate Action Through the New Web3 Economy’ will comprise major initiatives:

Nena Dokuzov, Head of Blockchain Taskforce at the Slovenian Ministry of Economy, will present ‘Web3 Technologies for Climate Action and Regenerative Finance (ReFi)’.

Dokuzov will focus on the latest use of blockchain technologies for Just Energy Transition, managing carbon markets by means of issuance, trade and auditing of carbon credits, and more efficient supply chain management, among others.

At COP28, DigitalArt4Climate will showcase UN-associated new-generation of NFT art, designed to focus on action for climate empowerment and youth engagement in the work of the United Nations, which will bring the social energy of the UN Climate summit COP28 to the UN Summit of the Future in September 2024 in New York.

Polymath and Music Producer Fernando Garibay spoke at the UN Headquarters event with DJ Alok on the program ‘SDGs in Brazil’ on September 14.

Representing Future Blockchain Summit, Oscar Wendel announced that Garibay will be a special guest at the show together with OG Arabian Prince, Founding Member of the rap group N.W.A. 

Fernando Garibay moderated a panel featuring DJ Alok (President of the Alok Institute) and Tina Marie Tyler (Hip Hop 4 Peace) at the ‘SDGs in Brazil’ event on September 14 at the UN Headquarters in New York.

Love Dager, Hackathon Manager, Hack for Earth, will also do a kick-off event of the annual hackathon at the UN Pavilion at COP28. Hack for Earth is a competition to find the best ideas around the world and help them become real solutions for the good of society through a custom acceleration program known as Build for Earth.

The Slovenian Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport is also partnering with Future Blockchain Summit towards co-creating a program at the Slovenian Pavilion at COP 28 at Expo City in Dubai.

A three-day program will take place December 5 to 7. The program will showcase how advanced digital technologies focusing on blockchain will contribute to achieve a green and digital transition and also the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” said Dokuzov.

In addition to the blockchain for climate programs at the Slovenian pavilion in the COP28 Green zone (accessible to everyone), the Climate Chain Coalition will host a Digital Innovation Pavilion in the COP28 Blue zone, which is accessible only to delegates and media accredited with the COP28 UN Climate summit through the United Nations.

Together FBS, the Slovenian government and CCC with its Digital Innovation Pavilion partners (IAAI GloCha, HBAR Fdt, KPMG et al) will contribute to the thematic priorities of the UAE COP28 presidency, which give technology and innovation a prominent role in the future of global climate action governance.

It is worth noting that The Climate Chain Coalition also held further events for the Web3 community under the umbrella of Climate Week NYC 2023, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly High Level Week 2023.

The events hosted at the Microsoft New York Office and the Millennium Hotel on One UN Plaza gathered relevant stakeholders who want to harness the potential of emerging technologies, especially blockchain and Web3, for implementation of the Paris Agreement and at the COP28 UN Climate Conference COP28 in Dubai in December.

Oscar Wendel (FBS), Nena Dokuzov (Slovenian Ministry of Economy), and Miroslav Polzer (Climate Chain Coalition)

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