Coinoxs to launch community NFT at AIBC Summit

Turkish Coinoxs, which offers blockchain-driven solutions, to launch the world’s first next-generation community NFT, OxsTribe, at the AIBC Summit to be held in Dubai between March 20 and March 23 2022.  Coinoxs CEO and founder, Can Azizoğlu, said: “With OxsTribe, the NFT collection of the world’s first digital and yet physical social club, we are opening up to the world via blockchain.”

The VIP launch of OxsTribe NFTs will take place at the AIBC Summit on March 21 and registration for the waiting list will start on the same day. Azizoğlu said: “OxsTribe, world’s first digital and physical social club, will create its own ecosystem. As VIP members of Coinoxs ecosystem, users can take advantage of OxsConnect centers which will open in big cities such as Istanbul, Dubai, Seoul, Miami.”

“OxsTribe will bring together those who want to develop new projects when socializing, while OxsConnect centers will host offices, meeting rooms, NFT galleries, event halls, and cafés,” added Azizoğlu. An OxsConnect center was opened on Decentraland in February. “Users will participate in our airdrop events, enjoy play-to-earn games, and utilize more Coinoxs products and services. They will also be included up-front in the OxsToken airdrop following the OxsDao launch in June,” he explained.

Emphasizing that OxsTribe is an important part of the giant ecosystem Coinoxs has created, Azizoğlu said: “The golden key to Coinoxs products and services is the OxsTribe NFT. Advantages start with free use of the OxsConnect Hub and a ticket to virtual events in OxsConnect on Decentraland. OxsConnect App is an application where community members can socialize, build event and business networks. In addition to free VIP access to services, OxsTribe NFT owners will have an elite membership to OxsDao and benefit from OxsToken Airdrop. OxsDao aims to bring together all investors, users or developers who, in some way, contribute to blockchain.”

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