COP28 Shines on the Role of Blockchain in the Green Digital Transition

COP28 spotlights the role of blockchain in facilitating the green digital shift.

At a press conference at COP28 hosted by the Climate Chain Coalition, it was announced that the Slovenian Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport will host a three-day program from December 5 to 7 in Partnership with Future Blockchain Summit, MCH Global, IAAI GloCha, AV Living Lab, Karrier One, AWS Dubai, and the Garibay Institute.

The program held at the Slovenian Pavilion in the COP28 Green Zone (accessible to everyone) will showcase how advanced digital technologies focusing on blockchain will contribute to achieve a green and digital transition in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Nena Dokuzov from the Slovenian Government commented, ‘The three-day event will be about how to achieve a green and digital transition. It also aims to establish international cooperation in this area. Top Slovenian tech companies will showcase innovative solutions to contribute to a more effective digital transition. It includes the field of hydrogen technologies, with special emphasis on the hydrogen ecosystem. In this regard, a recent breakthrough by Ljubljana Technology Park will be showcased.’

Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni addressed the press, “Dubai is very focused on the environment. Dubai has a lot of initiatives when it comes to climate change. And one of them, for example, is D33 , which is Dubai Economic Agenda 2033. One of the pillars is the knowledge economy where we use technology for climate and sustainability. One of the main focus areas is sustainable manufacturing. Technologies that will empower this is blockchain technology with NFTs used for trade. Another area where we will see value of this technology is for streamlining processes for farming. For example, carbon credits enabled through digitalization, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.’

Oscar Wendel from MCH Global announced at the press conference, “the first day of the conference will focus on Sustainable Finance where ‘Arthur D. Little will launch their new report “Embedding Climate Financing with Net-Zero Focus”, presented by Martin Rauchenwald, Partner, Financial Services Practice, Arthur D. Little. On December 6, Fernando Garibay who will also speak on art and creativity as an instrument for soft power to deliver on SDGs. His work centers around uniting global leaders, universities, financial institutions, and key opinion leaders in this regard. Fernando has produced artists such as Lady Gaga, U2 and Whitney Houston. Fernando will be announcing a global music project to be launched in 2024. He will be joined by inventor David Chaum who will present AstroCool, a research project to mine and disperse moon dust to shield the earth from the sun.’ 

Sunita Khatri of Dubai World Trade Centre commented, ‘We’re thrilled to see Future Blockchain Summit’s collaboration with Slovenia and Climate Chain Coalition culminate in this joint program at COP28 after joint presentations this year at UN conferences in Bonn and New York to promote climate action.’ 

AV Living Lab’s solutions for sustainable transport will be highlighted through advanced digital WEB3 technologies such as artificial intelligence, data models, metaverses, and sustainable mobility. It will contribute significantly to reducing our environmental footprint by providing a comprehensive ecosystem of advanced technological innovations in the field of mobility. Mobility will also dictate the future development of cities and communities. Special attention will be paid to technological solutions for climate neutrality for so-called ‘smart’ cities and communities, including the best practices of Dubai, Tampere and Ljubljana.

On December 7, at the European Union level, interoperable digital infrastructures and data is the focus. Examples of the next generation Euro Cloud, EBSI, and GAIA-X for geolocation will be presented. In conjunction with partner AWS, the final day is also dedicated to the water sector, as Slovenia assumes the Presidency of the 2024 Water Convention.

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