Creta Unveils Web3 Gaming Ecosystem and Four Blockchain Games

Creta, a Web3 entertainment company developing and publishing video games and a suite of solutions for Web3 gaming, unveiled the gameplay of the upcoming blockchain game Kingdom Under Fire: The Rise.

With offices in Dubai, the company showcased the progress achieved in building its ecosystem of Web3 products, comprised of a one-stop-shop gaming platform, the metaverse, and blockchain gaming community service Super Club.

The announcement took place at Creta Summit 2022 in Tokyo, Japan and was attended by video games and blockchain aficionados from Japan and overseas, heralding a significant step forward in bringing advancements in Web3 to the realm of video games.  

Gameplay footage of the upcoming Kingdom Under Fire: The Rise set the engine of the Summit humming, unraveling the look and feel of the title with a sneak peek into the NFT avatars system, one of the numerous applications of the non-fungible tokens in the game.

Ray Nakazato, Chief Creative Officer at Creta, provided an insight into how blockchain will be leveraged in KUF: ”Some characters and items acquired during gameplay will be turned into NFTs and can be traded or bought. But to protect the game economy from devaluation and maintain a subtle balance, regular in-game item classes will be exempt from such transactions. The game will be playable in seasons, and data will reset at the end of each season with an opportunity to transfer player NFTs to a new season”.

The announcement of other blockchain games that have been in active development by Creta comes as an extra frosting on top.

Not much is known about their genres or specs except for the names of the upcoming titles: Tokyo War Hana and Sakura, Fortress, and Warhands.

Advancements in the development of the gaming platform, the metaverse, and Super Club, a blockchain community service, have also been disclosed at the event. KUF and other gaming juggernauts developed by Creta will be launched and played via the tailor-made gaming platform, similar to how games are played on prominent Web2 platforms now.

The metaverse layer will offer extended social and economic features for users craving extra fun and extended NFTs utilization.

Super Club will propel the community-building behavior of players looking for familiarization with the benefits of blockchain gaming as well as a hub to relax and share gameplay experiences.

Expounding further on the concept of land introduced earlier as a purchasable NFT, Creta revealed the applications for the parcels that can be leveraged by the owners once the metaverse switch button turns green.

The private sectors of the metaverse will come with areas liable for the placement of the parcels where decoration, player-versus-player battling, and engagement in shared entertainment experiences like hunting, driving, and fishing are all possible.

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