Crypto Oasis Metaverse Collection launches Azerbaijani Visual Artist

Orkhan Mammadov has joined the Crypto Oasis Ecosystem, adding to the celebrated talent associated with it. The collaboration will create positive synergies between the art world and the crypto community. It marks an important step forward in delivering Crypto Oasis’ NFT strategy.

Orkhan Mammadov is a contemporary Azerbaijani artist, whose art combines Azerbaijani carpets with artificial intelligence (AI). The distinctive unity between heritage and modernity is central to the media artist’s mission of conserving his traditions. His “Revival of Aesthetics” exhibition brought Azerbaijani carpets to the modern age as he successfully harmonized his cultural heritage with machine learning. The AI-driven immersive experience showcased NFTs that were new speculative forms of the carpet created using 150,000 archival images of carpets.  

Mammadov creates a dialogue between his rapidly vanishing cultural heritage and the hastily flourishing digital world. His art is exceptional, and the Crypto Oasis Metaverse Collection will enable him to access new channels and especially provide a gateway to the metaverse. Together they will be the first to bring traditional carpets embedded with history and culture to the metaverse; it will be the metaverse’s foremost encounter with orientalism. 

“The beauty of my art lies in the amalgamation of contemporary data and tradition. Joining forces with the Crypto Oasis Metaverse Collection is an honor for me and the right step forward to bring my cultural heritage to the metaverse,” said Mammadov. “By partnering with Crypto Oasis to release my work in their Metaverse Collection, I am confident the beauty of Azerbaijani carpets and culture will reach new audiences and bring my traditions to the digital age. The Crypto Oasis platform is unmatchable in terms of talent and infrastructure and as a thriving blockchain community they offer artists with new avenues and opportunities to share and celebrate their art that were unreachable before.” 

Crypto Oasis serves as an enabler for some of the most promising digital artists of this generation, as they create fascinating investments in metaverse and Web3 objects and give artists a chance to feature some of their exceptional work and showcase their passions.  

Ralf Glabischnig, Founder of Crypto Oasis said, “We welcome Orkhan into the Crypto Oasis and into our wider digital creator community. Crypto Oasis’ partnership with him celebrates the legacy and artistry of Azerbaijani carpets. We will accelerate Orkhan’s efforts and actively support him in his noble mission of making his impressive work accessible. Crypto Oasis is committed to preserving the future of local and regional heritage through art and blockchain technology as we truly believe we are inexplicably tied to our history.”  

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