Crypto Oasis UAE partnered with IOT Blockchain Bownce

During Crypto Oasis UAE Genesis Night which brought together pertinent players within the Crypto Oasis ecosystem, Crypto Oasis partnered with IOT Blockchain entity Bownce among other partnership announcements. In addition both local and international initiatives were announced. The first edition of Genesis Night took place at Cove, Caesars Palace on the 10th of March 2022 and was filled with activations from partners, NFT art exhibitions and gaming stations that demonstrated the dynamism and immensely broad scope of the Blockchain industry.

Bownce is the first IOT (Internet of Things) device of its kind that converges Blockchain technology, design and community spirit. It bridges the gap between fitness and the metaverse. The new partnership with Bownce will support and foster their set up in the Middle East. Crypto Oasis will not only support the geographical move, but also their shift into the Blockchain space, having their IOT devices introduced in the Metaverse. Due to the relevance of this partnership on the company’s new endeavors, bownce’s entire leadership team flew in from Germany for the event.

Ralf Glabischnig, Founder of Crypto Oasis stated, “The idea behind this event was to bring together the Blockchain ecosystem in the UAE. The response was overwhelming, we had more people sign up than we could accommodate. We call this night Genesis Night, because it is the Genesis of our Society. I am excited because we will create different Societies within Crypto Oasis, like the Investor Society, Builder Society and Founder Society. We will accelerate their efforts and we have started doing it tonight. The founding of our Society is one of our endeavours for the long term, as we know the potential of Blockchain technology for the future.”

In addition world renowned and Guinness Record holding artist Sacha Jafri, whose work has been shown in the most prominent Art Institutions across the globe, launched his Global Pillars Project  during the night. Jafri based his project ‘The Global Pillars’, on the Legacy of the EXPO2020. It consists of 100 paintings, each of which includes 5 renditions of the same painting sold as an NFT. One lucky buyer of one of the NFTs will receive the actual painting by Sacha Jafri.

The night closed with the launch of the Crypto Arabs NFT collection. This project came out of the UAE’s Shaabiat Al Cartoon comedy show that encompasses 15 years of legacy, and 24 unique characters. The NFT collection, in partnership with Crypto Oasis, will make the buyer a part of their exclusive community where you get access to major opinion leaders in the space as well as to exclusive events. One key highlight of this project is that a percentage of the earnings from the collection will be donated to charity. Crypto Oasis and its partners are committed to giving back to the community.

The event was supported by key partners from the ecosystem that follow our values and objectives in the industry. Cypher Capital as the Key Strategic Partner, with Decentralised Investment Group as the Co-Host, and bownce as their Community Sports Partner.

Bijan Alizadeh – Founder & Partner, Cypher Capital had this to say about their partnership for the night and the eventual future: “We are really elated about teaming up with Crypto Oasis, bringing to life and realising our company motto, which is “Shaping the future of Blockchain, together.” We wish for mutual successes, growth and support to shape the Blockchain ecosystem in the region together and we couldn’t be happier to do that with Crypto Oasis.”

Another great remark was by DIG, who co-hosted the event as a company committed to making Blockchain omnipresent. Their CEO Haydn Snape stated: “This partnership with the Crypto Oasis is a great source of pride for us at DIG, because it solidifies the importance of the work we are all doing. Together, we are committed to revolutionising the Blockchain industry and creating innovative solutions that will make an impactful difference in this ecosystem. We are on the same page in that we acknowledge how crucial it is to leverage this partnership in a way that enables us to generate growth and development in GameFi and help it take off to unprecedented heights. We are in the business of the future, and this partnership will ensure that we get there first.”

Crypto Oasis welcomes the new partners to its growing Blockchain ecosystem in the Middle East and looks forward to working together to discover expanded opportunities as they transform traditions and revolutionise Blockchain. Genesis Night was just the beginning, the Crypto Oasis Society will ensure that our partners and investors can connect, engage, learn and advance the Blockchain economy in the Middle East.

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