CUSP, A Greener Future with a Crypto Twist

In a world that is overflowing with poor quality inventory and carbon footprint, clean energy remains the leading solution to reduced emissions and negative environmental impact.

CUSP Green Solutions Ltd is a startup that was established in 2021 and is now headquartered in London, a state that is well immersed in this field, and that is planning on banning petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030 as well as having every car with a tail pipe reach zero- emissions by 2032.

UAE as an international location

As for its Technology Development Center, CUSP chose its first international location to be the UAE, the world’s new hub and melting pot. Truth be told, not only is the UAE the center of blockchain and crypto, but it is extremely advanced tech-wise, and always supports technology-related ventures to the fullest. The main aim of the company is to accelerate the transition to clean energy, starting with advocating for the adoption of electric vehicles, including cars, bikes, trucks, vans, motorcycles and bicycles, by increasing awareness of green products, services, and various applicable incentives, while connecting stakeholders and creating compelling partnerships.

In fact, it all goes back to the devastating effects that climate change has left on our planet and the urgent need to act upon it, in hopes of saving our one and only home.

CUSP has recently entered into an agreement with a well-respected family group in the UAE, to list their electric vehicles, chargers, and service stations on CUSP’s eMarketplace. They are also in advanced discussion with a number of other manufacturers and dealers in the UK and the UAE.

Green CUSP eMarketplace

An eMarketplace was created that combines all green products and services that the customer may want or need. So, instead of wasting time and surfing the whole web, this website is a one-stop shop to clean energy and sustainability. Not only will it contain electric vehicles of all kinds and sorts, but also insurance companies, banks and other institutions that are ready to offer their green products and services. In the long term, their objective is to open the eMarketplace to all participants who sell sustainable green products and services.

CUSP Green Token

The CUSP green token was launched as an incentive and a medium of exchange. This will accelerate the transition to clean energy by rewarding all stakeholders, from governments to sellers and buyers, with CUSP Green Tokens.

In other words, when an individual buys an electric vehicle, they will mint tokens that can be redeemed later on, within the ecosystem; the token’s intrinsic value will lie in its holder’s ability to exchange it for discounts and promotional offers on a variety of green products and services available on the company’s eMarketplace. Also, for every sale, not only will the customer receive tokens, but the dealer, service provider or manufacturer will be awarded with tokens as well. It is important to note that the greener the vehicle, the bigger the reward (tokens). However, the startup made it clear that only 10 billion tokens will be available worldwide in the next 10 years.

CUSP will be minted on Polygon

In addition to that, the CUSP Green Token will be minted on the Polygon Network, listed on major crypto exchanges, and subject to all necessary regulatory guidelines and processes. But the grand question that remains is: how does it work, and what do these tokens represent?

Simple: every time a purchase is made via the CUSP eMarketplace, the involved stakeholders are rewarded with CUSP Green Tokens.

To be specific, the process could be broken down as follows:

CUSP eMarketplace: customer purchases or expresses interest in a green product or service.Lead: CUSP provides the lead to the seller.Purchase: seller and customer connect.Token claim: customer claims CUSP Green Tokens post- purchase.Awarded tokens: customer and seller are both rewarded with CUSP tokens, which is a very efficient and feasible way to involve both parties and enhance sustainability.Usage of tokens: CUSP will be working with stakeholders to create an essential value for the tokens to be used within our ecosystem.

As an example, token-holders may be able to use their tokens to pay for charging their electric vehicles.

Genius, right?


CUSP is doing its best to raise awareness on the matter and spread the word about the project through their online platform and the blog posts that they share, for they believe that educating people and providing them with facts and valuable information is what will make them take the leap.

On another note, in an interview with Unlock Blockchain, the CEO & Founder of CUSP, Mr. Manoj Menon, stressed on the importance of accelerating the process of clean energy because this is what truly matters now: saving Mother Earth. He explains, “The whole objective came into place on how we can act as an accelerator to help governments achieve the net zero target much earlier than anticipated.

Net zero target is becoming carbon-neutral, and most of the countries have defined that as a goal that will be achieved by 2050-2060, but that is way too far. What will happen to the future generations by then? This is why CUSP exists”.

Manoj Menon

He then added that the startup has understood the major problems our climate is facing with CO2 emissions; supply chains, including manufacturers, must seriously start recycling and adopting more sustainable techniques, and must play their role in contributing towards the reduction of CO2 emissions, which requires lots of financing.

This is why, CUSP has decided to start with ground transportation, which constitutes 23% of CO2 emissions globally and is swiftly feasible to decrease. Nonetheless, the startup is planning on covering other renewables, like solar energy, as an extension to the ground transportation project that has already been launched.

In addition to that, Manoj mentioned that the project business consists of 2 main pillars; the eMarketplace, and the CUSP Green Tokens that power the ecosystem. The startup now has pre-seed funding and is in the process of raising more capital in the next round.

He explained that the money will be spent on marketing and advertising strategies to acquire more customers to join the eMarketplace, on product development like carbon credit offsets, setting up an eMarketplace in the Metaverse, and on continuously developing their technology platform to support the inclusion of new sustainable products in the marketplace and building use cases for spending the tokens. They will be looking to deepen their reach in the UK and the UAE before looking to expand to selected markets in Europe, USA, and India, in the next 24 months.

He then concluded that CUSP is very proud to announce that it has recently launched its tokens in the UK and the UAE, and that customers have already showed interest in the project and have claimed tokens in both markets.

In short, as the world steadily moves towards adopting clean energy, CUSP’s goal is to accelerate the transition and bring global economies closer to their net zero carbon targets, and consequently, a greener future. With the tokens that the executive team has launched, they hope to spread the word and eventually the technology behind it to protect our one and only home: planet Earth.

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