Cypher Capital Invests in Blockchain GameFi Platform, Cross The Ages

Cypher Capital, a venture capital firm located in the UAE, today announced that it has invested in blockchain GameFi entity, “Cross The Ages (or CTA)”, an immersive metaverse gaming platform utilizing NFTs and tokenomics. 

Built on the Polygon platform, Singapore-based Cross The Ages received investments of $12 million in its seed funding round. The funding will be utilized to further develop the game’s eponymous platform and retain talent.

Bijan Alizadeh, Co-Founder and Partner of Cypher Capital, stated, “We are proud that we have invested in Cross The Ages. This investment is in line with our goals of supporting blockchain crypto start-ups that have a strong value proposition in the blockchain, GameFi, and DeFi areas and who have a presence in the Middle East region.” 

He explains, “We are confident that Cross The Ages will make waves in the GameFi metaverse domain and will further develop the blockchain ecosystem globally.” 

Cross the Ages Chief Executive Officer, Sami Chlagou, the owner of game company Pixel Heart, which has produced more than 50 games for platforms such as Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation, commented, “When we developed Cross The Ages, one of the driving factors was to increase the adoption of blockchain technology using an immersive metaverse gaming experience incentivized with NFTs. We found kindred spirits in Cypher Capital who are advocating the growth of the blockchain ecosystem and whose goal is not simply to invest but to spread the passion for blockchain and crypto and its adoption and education.” 

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