Dubai AI and Web3 Campus Spearheads Ambitious Plan to Empower Every Dubai Business with AI Prowess

In a significant stride toward enhancing the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the region, the Dubai AI and Web3 Campus has introduced the Artificial Intelligence Transformation Programme.

This initiative, a highly customizable corporate accelerator program, aims to equip businesses across various sectors with advanced AI capabilities, thereby future-proofing their operations.

By fostering innovation and encouraging economic growth, the programme is set to position Dubai as a global competitor in the AI landscape.

Tailored to accommodate businesses of all sizes, the programme offers C-level coaching on emerging industry trends, ensuring that organizations remain at the forefront of their respective fields by embracing the latest AI and technology innovations.

The initiative is also poised to facilitate partnerships between startups and industry giants, expediting the creation of proof-of-concept (POC) projects and their internal adoption.

Participants will benefit from the robust innovation ecosystem of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the broader technological landscape of Dubai, granting them access to cutting-edge hardware and software, as well as facilities for concept creation and prototype testing, in collaboration with industry experts.

Furthermore, the programme promotes the success of startups by facilitating the adoption of their technologies through strategic ecosystem partnerships, specialized licensing, and regulatory solutions.

The Dubai AI and Web3 Campus will actively assist in corporate deal flow and partnerships, enabling fruitful collaboration between established corporations and emerging startups, thereby fostering a culture of technological advancement.

Mohammad Alblooshi, CEO of DIFC Innovation Hub, expressed his excitement about the launch of the Artificial Intelligence Transformation Programme, describing it as a pioneering initiative by the Dubai AI and Web3 Campus.

The unveiling of the Artificial Intelligence Transformation Programme closely follows the introduction of the Dubai AI and Web3 Campus.

The campus, located within the new DIFC Innovation One premises, offers state-of-the-art physical and digital infrastructure, including research and development facilities and collaborative workspaces. This setup has played a pivotal role in attracting, nurturing, and scaling firms in the region.

It is worth noting that the Campus has already initiated the issuance of AI and Web3 licenses to support activities such as Distributed Ledger Technology Services, specialized Artificial Intelligence Research and consultancies, IT infrastructure builders, Technology Research and Development, and Public Networking Services within the DIFC.

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