Dubai FitnessVR metaverse launches in Q2 2022

FitnessVR, the first health and fitness metaverse powered by Scorpio Metaverse Engine, launches in Dubai UAE. FitnessVR is a metaverse which wants to advance wellness and human connections.

It focuses on being a fully on, 24×7 immersive metaverse, featuring health and fitness-related activities, events and themes using blockchain and cryptocurrencies as well as NFTs to enhance the end-user experience. From eSports style 5v5 fitness competitions to full health and wellness conferences and even the selling and buying of virtual land, FitnessVR is on its way to becoming one of the biggest metaverses in the world for the health and wellness space.

The plan is to launch the early alpha and beta of FitnessVR metaverse in Q2 and Q3 of 2022.

Hamim Khan, CEO of FitnessVR stated, “I believe in enhancing activities and interactions for people worldwide by enabling them with our AR/VR Metaverse technology to improve themselves while having fun with their friends and family from all corners of the world. We’re building a world where everyone can experience trust, equality and real ownership.”

Metaverses built with Scorpio Metaverse Corporation’s patent-pending engine offer flexible interoperability and enhanced user experiences, with customizable avatars able to jump between metaverses using blockchain technology and crypto wallets. 

FitnessVR.io is being led by top talent and fitness enthusiasts from around the world to bring out a health and fitness metaverse experience using the latest technologies such as Virtual Reality and WebGL-based systems and even Augmented Reality in the future. 

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