Dubai to hold first NFT Pay per view Sports Event

Dubai UAE to hold the world’s first NFT Pay per View sports event at the Burj al-Arab’s helipad where a boxing event will be held, featuring a fight between Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and ‘Dangerous’ Don Moore, Global Titans Fight Series.

The NFT Pay Per view sports event will include an exclusive livestream pay-per-view for  NFT ticket holders, enabling fans access to watch the event live online on May 14 and access a special Global Titans NFT ticket, which is highly collectable and can be traded on crypto marketplaces.

Additionally, NFT owners will be able to unlock limited edition 3D collectibles, exclusive video content, and official media files from the night of the event.

NFT technology provides buyers with expanded features such as future access, perks and rewards – all of which can expand the value of ownership long after the event.

No passwords or access codes are required to watch the live event. NFT owners simply connect their crypto wallets (such as MetaMask) and access is automatically granted.

Ahead of the event, there are now two Global Titans NFT tickets available to the public on the Global Titans and Rarible’s websites.

This news comes at the same time that Sports Media platform Kooora announced its entrance into NFT and Blockchain.

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