ETH Development conference has come to Dubai UAE. The ETH development conference covers everything related to Ethereum, DeFi, NFTs, EVM scaling, Gaming and more. As per the organizers it will focus on decentralization and community projects such as Yearn and its ecosystem. It will be held Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre in Dubai UAE.

The conference will start on March 31st with a two track conference and then on March 30th workshops.

ETHDubai is the conference for passionate devs and contributors on anything related to Ethereum, DeFi, NFTs, EVM, Gaming on the EVM and more with a focus on decentralization and community projects such as Yearn and its ecosystem. Expect great speakers, talks, workshops for both experts and beginners and tons of great social events..

Eth Developer coference will have Web3 developer workshops with experts to help developers write their first dapp with Solidity, Typescript and basic React knowledge. 

CoinMENA crypto exchange is one of the sponsors of the upcoming event, as well as ByBit, Metamask Wallet, Arab Bank, Syscoin, Polygon, DeFi Dubai and others.

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