Etihad Airways Signs Partnership with BD4 to Optimize Digital Touchpoints

BD4, the leading AI-driven real-time profiling and decisioning platform for travel and retail industries, has signed a partnership agreement with Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, to support the airline’s digital enhancements. 

Following extensive testing, both companies are implementing BD4’s platform across the airline’s range of digital touchpoints, optimizing the online experience by providing the most relevant, targeted user interactions.

Etihad is committed to continuously improving its digital customer journey, including recently launching the world’s first NFT collection of 3D aircraft models. In working with BD4, the airline reflects its standing as a leader of innovation who can deliver solutions to empower their guests and improve their business. It sought to achieve specific measurable eCommerce goals enhancing customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

With precision AI models and real-time profiling capabilities designed for the airline industry, BD4 is providing Etihad Airways with a capability to leverage predictive analytics on the level of each individual passenger. Providing sophisticated personalization, BD4’s technology is able to work for both known and anonymous users and to significantly enhance the relevance of brand-customer interactions and promotions.

Frank Meyer, Chief Digital Officer at Etihad, says: “We look forward to the partnership with BD4. During extensive evaluation, their team worked seamlessly with ours, supporting the development of a data driven experimentation framework and enabling data-based decisions. We have already seen their industry-specific AI solution deliver against our commercial goals. The results of our trials are just the start as we work with them to further enhance our website and provide customers with an intuitive, personalized online experience.”

Andy Owen Jones, CEO of BD4, says: “Etihad Airways’ commitment to innovation is a perfect match for our technology. We’ve shown strong results throughout the experimentation phase and are excited to ramp this up even more as the partnership develops and as our algorithms evolve with continuous learning. By using our AI and Machine Learning capabilities, Etihad Airways is able to extend its promise of ‘travel with peace of mind’ across its digital touchpoints, providing a holistic customer experience reinforcing their reputation for excellent service.”

BD4’s AI-driven profiling and decisioning platform has been built with the travel, aviation and retail sectors at its heart. The real-time decision making enhances the customer experience of individual users, helping companies connect with their audience on a one-to-one basis.

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