Exploring the Digital Asset Seas: A Conversation with CEO Anil Sethi on AI Strategies and Creed&Bear

The Future Blockchain Summit, which took place at the Dubai Harbour this October, brought together some of the brightest minds in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. 

Among the prominent figures present was Anil Sethi, the CEO of Creed&Bear, a company that’s making waves in the world of digital asset trading. 

In an exclusive interview, Anna K. from UNLOCK Blockchain sat down with Mr. Sethi to delve into the story of Creed&Bear, their unique approach to AI solutions, and their vision for the MENA region.

A Journey from Switzerland to Dubai

Creed&Bear was initially founded in Switzerland in 2019. Nevertheless, in 2022, the company decided to expand their operations to Dubai, and we were curious to know what prompted this move.

Anil explained, “The decision to relocate to Dubai was driven by the need for faster growth and a more streamlined process for onboarding top talent. In Switzerland, securing work permits for our global team of computer scientists and data experts was challenging. However, Dubai offered a more efficient pathway. Within months, we were fully operational with a local office. Moreover, we established a holding company in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) that oversees both of our operations.”

This strategic move enabled the company to tap into the region’s thriving ecosystem, attracting diverse talent from across the globe and capitalizing on Dubai’s supportive regulatory environment.

Setting Creed&Bear Apart

Creed&Bear stands out among companies offering AI solutions for digital asset trading. In fact, Anil emphasized that their uniqueness lies in blending traditional finance expertise with a deep understanding of the crypto world. 

“Our founders are crypto natives with experience dating back to 2012, and we’ve added team members with traditional finance backgrounds,” he stated. 

This amalgamation of talents positions the company to create compliant solutions for institutional clients and family offices.

Balancing AI with Human Touch

With the world witnessing the rapid growth of AI, we inquired about how Creed&Bear maintains a human touch in their offerings, given that many view AI as a potential threat to personalized services.

Anil explained that AI is a tool, much like any other tool; it’s a means to an end, but not the end itself. The magic of AI lies in the quality of inputs and the framework used.

“There are challenges that AI cannot overcome. Therefore, a human touch remains crucial in determining which solutions to implement,” he added.

Navigating Market Volatility

As cryptocurrencies experience frequent market volatility, we were keen to understand how Creed&Bear manages these fluctuations.

Anil explained the approach by highlighting one of the company’s goals, which is to reduce volatility and improve risk-return ratios for all clients.

He added that Creed&Bear’s Cayman hedge fund, managed by Apex, utilizes technology and diversification strategies across different parameters to mitigate downside risks.

“While we may not capture the full upside, we aim to protect our clients from excessive downside volatility through diversification,” he commented.

The Future Vision for Creed&Bear

Finally, Anil’s vision for the company and their plans for the MENA region were discussed.

He expressed excitement about the region’s supportive ecosystem and regulatory framework, which has been attracting talent and capital.

He also applauded the UAE’s leadership and regulators who has been instrumental in drawing companies like Creed&Bear to the region. As a matter of fact, the UAE has become a melting pot for companies from all around the world.

Anil concluded by outlining the company’s projects, “Apart from expanding our hedge fund, we see potential in applying our technology to other asset classes like commodity trading and sports betting, which are emerging as significant markets. Our adaptable technology opens doors for new verticals, and we’re eager to explore these opportunities.”

The interview shed light on the dynamic and innovative world of digital asset trading and how Creed&Bear is positioned to lead in this field with a unique blend of expertise and a human-centered approach. Their expansion in the MENA region reflects their commitment to exploring new opportunities while benefiting from the UAE’s progressive regulatory environment.

The future certainly looks bright for Creed&Bear, and the community eagerly anticipates their continued success.

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