First League to Mint own NFTs: Shaikh Nasser Bin Hamad Football Tournament Inks Agreement with Zamzam Token

Zamzam Token, the first Arabian Islamic Cryptocurrency, signed a new groundbreaking deal for the Kingdom of Bahrain with the Bahrain Football Association to mint their own NFTs, marking the first year for the Shaikh Nasser “Excellent” Tournament as a special one. 

The agreement, which was signed by Bahrain’s Football Association’s Vice President Shaikh Ali Bin Khalifa Alkhalifa with founder and CEO of Zamzam Hamed Fakhro, will be valid starting next week.  

This initiative aims to enhance the user’s experience and participation as NFT collectibles are minted and dropped for each team. Initially, the extremely limited drops will be auctioned to the first 10 lucky supporters to snatch them up (per team). And as the season progresses, special matches, players, events, and highlights will also be minted and sold or gifted to the lucky recipients (man of the match, best goal, etc). 

When UNLOCK Blockchain reached out for comments, it was mentioned that the agreement is divided into two separate sections: 

The first section includes an NFT project of the top 10 fans for each of the clubs participating in the tournament. It consists of a special name and number that can only be used again next year. The first group’s collection will be released in October, provided that the rest of the NFTs will be released successively on a weekly basis. 

These NFTs will be auctioned publicly on the Zamzam private market on OpenSea, and the bidding will last 48 hours. 

The second section includes NFTs that will highlight the stars of the tour, such as: best player of the tour, best goalkeeper, best shot,etc. 

Shaikh Ali Bin Khalifa said, “This agreement aims to increase fan interaction with their teams, as we reach out to attract the younger generation, as well as demonstrate that Bahrain remains on the forefront of innovation among global trends. We will also be introducing prizes in matches as we continually enhance our national league, which has always stood out in the region. It’s always a pleasure to work with such a talented team and company.” 

Hamed Fakhro also said, “It’s an honor to sign with our national league, as it cements Zamzam as Bahrain’s sweetheart. Bahrain is small in size, but always a giant in its accomplishments. As we lead the Arabian Cryptosphere, we recognize the significance and importance of representing Shaikh Nasser’s Excellent Tournament, as His Highness has demonstrated to the world that leadership is all about courage, innovation, talent, and spirit. We will encapsulate his ideals and ensure this project is a resounding success.”

He added, “For Bahrain to beat the world to the punch is also an honor, as the first Football league to mint and deploy their own NFTs. We take the challenge very seriously, and are excited to be a part of it.” 

Zamzam Token minted its first Sharia Compliant Token in November 2021, and has a huge fan base internationally. Their Sharia board is Chaired by Shaikh Nidham Yaquby, with members Shaikh Osama Bahar and Shaikh Abdullah AlKhaldy.

All their products are Sharia Compliant and the company has surpassed $1 billion in trade.

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