Former U.S. Treasury Secretary to Discuss What is Next for the U.S. and Global Economy at UAE AIM Summit

Lawrence H. Summers, the renowned American economist who served as the 71st United States Secretary of Treasury from 1999-2001 under Bill Clinton, as well as the Director of the National Economic Council from 2009 to 2010 under Barack Obama, will be offering his insights into the global economy and financial markets during the 13th edition of AIM Summit being held on the 21st and 22nd of November 2022 in Dubai UAE.

AIM Summit is the region’s leading forum for providing insights on investment developments and global market conditions. This year, special emphasis is placed on the current global economy, inflation, stagflation and recession.

Summers will provide his views on why the U.S. will likely be headed into a recession within the next two years. He will also discuss how globalization, trade, and technology will play a pivotal role in the future of the global economy.

In 2021, Summers repeatedly called out the potential for inflation in U.S. while the U.S. Federal Reserve and many economists viewed rising prices as transitory.

Commenting on his participation at AIM Summit, Summers states, “Investors in alternative assets must navigate a challenging macroeconomic environment today, and anticipate how it will impact their portfolios tomorrow. At the AIM Summit in Dubai, I will address some of the most pressing questions investors should be asking – will the Fed’s newfound hawkishness lead to a painful recession, or will they engineer a soft landing? Will we return to the post-2009 era of secular stagnation, or a new paradigm? Will prognostications of China’s economy overtaking America’s prove similar to those of Russia and Japan, which look ridiculous today?”.

Raha Moradi, Chief Executive Officer of AIM Summit, stated, “We are honored as organizers of AIM Summit to be welcoming a well renowned economist and top U.S. ranking official such as Lawrence H. Summers. His views on U.S. and global inflation, recession, and world policies will offer our audience valuable information that will benefit their policies and strategies moving forward. Investors and policy makers alike across the GCC and MENA region are invited to join us as we hear Summers’ predictive insights.”

The AIM Summit gathers and connects investors within hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, digital assets, FinTech with global industry leaders. This year the Summit will cover topics pertaining to portfolio construction, emerging markets, frontier markets, private credit, hedge funds, the future of digital assets, NFTs, metaverse, crypto mining, ESG, impact investing and Web 3.

Audiences will also hear Summers’ views on crypto and Blockchain.

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