Fuse Network Partners with Polygon Labs to Pioneer Ethereum-based ZK Layer-2 Network

Fuse Network, a prominent Layer-1 blockchain player specializing in advancing Web3 payments scalability, has announced a new collaboration with Polygon Labs, a globally recognized blockchain technology firm.

This partnership aims to create an innovative Ethereum-based Zero Knowledge (ZK) Layer-2 (L2) network, leveraging the robust capabilities of the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK).

The ZK-powered Layer-2 network is slated to become Fuse’s new native platform, granting users and developers access to the world’s most influential blockchain ecosystems. FUSE, Fuse’s native utility token, will be the designated token for covering gas fees on this network.

According to Fuse, the decision to leverage Polygon CDK stems from its exceptional scalability improvements for Ethereum, extensive customization features, privacy options, compliance-friendly structure, and robust support for the Web3 ecosystem. These qualities position Polygon CDK as an ideal choice for Fuse, potentially catalyzing blockchain adoption among businesses.

The migration process to Polygon CDK involves several key steps:

Deployment of ZK rollup: Testing the new stack with a mock prover on Fuse’s existing L1 to evaluate costs and performance.

Integration of L1 <> L2 communication: Ensuring seamless integration and movement between L1 and L2, including Fuse tokenomics integration into the rollup and building separate pricing for L2 services.

Migration to ZK Validium with partners: Migration of the network to ZK Validium with a chosen partner, migration of the validator set, and collaboration with stakeholders to test the new network on a testnet. Quick migration options for liquidity and bridges will be developed.

Looking ahead, the integration with features like zkEVM for increased network TPS, ZK instant transfers for enhanced user experiences, decentralized validator sets for heightened security, improved bridging capabilities, and partnerships with ecosystem players promise to redefine Web3 payments.

It is worth noting that the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) empowers blockchain innovation by enabling developers to craft custom Ethereum Layer-2 (L2) solutions. With instant transaction finality, limitless scalability, and unified liquidity pools, Polygon CDK stands at the forefront of blockchain adoption, offering Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology and robust support for the Web3 ecosystem.

This collaboration signifies a major moment for Fuse Network in further developing Web3 payments, ensuring scalability, customization, privacy, and comprehensive Web3 support. Additionally, it aims to introduce low transaction costs, instant finality, high throughput, and decentralized security to blockchain payments, ushering in a new era of digital payment solutions.

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