I2C MENA Fintech partners with Visa for crypto payments

I2c Inc fintech provider for digital payment and banking technology has partnered with Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments, to offers products for crypto payments by being its fintech processor in the MENA region.

Through this arrangement, FinTech’s in the region will be able to access Visa’s global network as well as i2c’s agile issuing and processing platform by tapping into the combined companies’ suite of digital-first solutions and advanced payments technologies.

On I2c website they showcase their product for cryptocurrencies saying they can move crypto value off the exchange and into a payment card.

Amir Wain, CEO I2c Inc said, “We are honored to have partnered with Visa for Fintech Onboarding in the MENA region. This agreement will allow the region’s financial visionaries to go-to-market quicker and to innovate across a broad range of products and features including virtual cards, debit, prepaid, credit, BNPL, cryptocurrency, loyalty and more – and to do it securely and reliably.

“We see great opportunity to further accelerate financial access and drive innovation in emerging markets, and are proud to be working with leading partners who bring deep market understanding and fintech expertise,” said Andrew Torre, Regional President, CEMEA, Visa. “We are looking forward to working closely with i2c to accelerate the speed with which fintechs across the Middle East & North Africa region can create innovative payment solutions, built on the foundation of the Visa network.”

Prior to this I2c in 2020 was the first to enable Wirex crypto payment multicurrency travel card in the region.

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