ICP and InvoiceMate Tokenize $220M in Invoices, Pioneering DeFi Transformation

The Internet Computer (ICP) Blockchain, in collaboration with InvoiceMate, has successfully tokenized over $220 million worth of invoices.

InvoiceMate, a platform known for invoice tokenization and recognized by Deloitte, has leveraged ICP’s technology to achieve this milestone, highlighting the significant impact of decentralized finance (DeFi) on real-world assets (RWAs).

ICP’s decentralized network is renowned for its scalability, security, and interoperability, making it ideal for tokenizing real-world assets and transforming traditional finance. This collaboration has benefited more than 1,850 businesses, with over 101,000 invoices tokenized, showcasing ICP’s ability to manage large-scale financial processes effectively and securely.

“InvoiceMate is proud to collaborate with ICP in tokenizing over $220 million worth of invoices,” said Muhammad Ibrahim, head of Web3 and innovation at InvoiceMate. “This milestone underscores our commitment to driving innovation in finance and empowering businesses of all sizes.”

Supported by the Dfinity Foundation, ICP is a decentralized network protocol that enhances the internet by offering a scalable, secure, and interoperable platform for blockchain-based applications. This architecture facilitates the seamless tokenization of real-world assets, opening new opportunities for DeFi and financial inclusion.

InvoiceMate serves as a decentralized infrastructure for invoice financing, linking traditional businesses with Web3 investors through invoices as RWAs. By focusing on innovation and transparency, InvoiceMate uses blockchain technology to revolutionize traditional finance and promote sustainable growth for SMEs worldwide.

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