‘Intra-Planetary National Anthem’ Announced at COP28

An ‘Intra-Planetary National Anthem’ was announced at a COP28 press conference hosted by the International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI) on December 8. It is a global music initiative and movement led by the Garibay Institute in collaboration with Digital Art for Climate.

   Fernando Garibay and Oscar Wendel at COP28 UN press conference on December 8, 2023

The Intra-Planetary National Anthem is a global project founded and executive produced by Fernando Garibay, super producer of Grammy Award-winning albums including Lady Gaga’s ‘The Fame Monster’ and ‘Born This Way’.

‘The Intra-Planetary National Anthem is a salute to and a celebration of all life on earth. It will capture cultures from around the world in a sonic expression, using samples of sounds relatable to all humanity,’ said Oscar Wendel, co-producer and executive creative partner of the music project and director at MCH Global.

   Fernando Garibay in his studio in Hidden Hills, CA. Photo by: Ben Cope

’Music is humanity’s oldest language and dance music is the most universal genre of the young generation. It inspires thought, heart, movement, and action. Therefore, we have chosen this modality as the premiere delivery vehicle and catalyst for hope and unity. We will produce a collection of songs, and hereby invite artists, nations, and communities from around the world to record with us at the Garibay institute in Los Angeles starting in January 2024,’ said Fernando Garibay, polymath and the Grammy Award winning super producer of Lady Gaga’s album ‘Born this Way’, produced five number one hits and has worked with countless artists, including U2 and Whitney Houston.

The announcement was part of a press conference launching ‘Digital Art 4 Climate’, a Web3 technology driven art and music competition for youth that will culminate in the winners being featured at the UN Summit of the Future in New York in 2024.

   Miroslav Polzer, President of IAAI and Strategic Director of Climate Chain Coalition

Miroslav Polzer, President of IAAI and Strategic Director of Climate Chain Coalition (UN Observer Organization) said: ‘We are organizing a global public contest inviting artists, especially young people, to create artwork around the topic of envisioning desirable futures, as part of the UN Summit of the Future being held at the UN Headquarters in New York on September 18-19, 2024.

‘Our initiative gives creatives an avenue to present alternative visions and new ideas for the UN and for the world. We will launch an online submission platform in January 2024. Our Co-creation Festival is held on June 5 in Austria. ‘Let’s celebrate our global family and co-create our future together!’ said Polzer.

He added: ‘We are here because we believe that the UN system and the whole process of the implementation of the Paris Agreement needs more energy and more hands on deck. This comes not just by talking; it comes with culture and triggering emotions and raising awareness. Hence, we believe in the transformative power of culture and music, and therefore our initiative.’

Press Conference highlights here.

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