IRC Leverages Crypto for Gaza Relief Efforts: A Boon for UAE’s Crypto Donors?

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is embracing new frontiers in fundraising by accepting cryptocurrency donations to support their ongoing relief efforts in Gaza. This move taps into a growing trend of digital currency use and caters specifically to a tech-savvy donor base, particularly relevant in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza continues, with families in desperate need of food, water, medical supplies, and shelter. The IRC, a longstanding provider of aid in conflict zones, is working tirelessly to deliver vital assistance. Their new focus on cryptocurrency donations offers a potentially faster and more efficient way to raise funds, especially considering the UAE’s unique position.

Why Crypto for Gaza Resonates in the UAE

The UAE boasts one of the world’s highest cryptocurrency ownership rates. According to a 2023 report by Triple-A, a crypto payment gateway, over 30% of the UAE population holds cryptocurrencies [Triple-A Cryptocurrency Ownership Data]. This tech-savvy population is embracing the ease and transparency of crypto transactions.

The IRC’s adoption of cryptocurrency donations aligns perfectly with this trend. UAE residents can now directly contribute to Gaza relief efforts using their preferred digital currency. This accessibility can significantly expand the donor pool and accelerate fundraising for the IRC.

We’re proud to announce that ENS is supporting the International Rescue Committee @RESCUEorg’s humanitarian efforts in Gaza.

This collaboration represents a significant step in leveraging blockchain technology for social good.

To help and make an impact: donate with irc.eth. pic.twitter.com/RW644LEiQQ

— ens.eth (@ensdomains) February 12, 2024

ENS Labs Steps Up for Social Good

ENS Labs is partnering with the IRC for this initiative. This marks the second collaboration between the two organizations, highlighting their commitment to leveraging blockchain technology for social good.

Simplified Donations and Increased Reach

The partnership brings several benefits:

Easy Donations via ENS Names: ENS Labs has enabled the user-friendly name “irc.eth” for donations. This eliminates the need for complex wallet addresses, simplifying the process for crypto donors globally, especially during times of crisis.

Reaching New Audiences: This community fundraiser allows the IRC to connect with a wider, digitally connected audience, potentially inspiring greater support for their humanitarian mission.

Lower Fees: Through their collaboration with Endaoment, crypto donations now benefit from lower fees. This expands the range of supported blockchains, including Optimism and Base.

Flexibility for All Donors

While crypto donations offer speed and accessibility, traditional methods are still available. Endaoment allows contributions of stocks, crypto, and cash, all tax-deductible in the US. This ensures inclusivity for donors from various financial backgrounds.

The IRC’s Approach to Crypto

It’s important to note that the IRC itself doesn’t directly accept cryptocurrency donations. To ensure compliance and protect against crypto volatility, they partner with Endaoment and Every.org. These platforms convert crypto donations into fiat currency (traditional money) before providing it to the IRC.

Join the movement! Help the IRC deliver vital assistance to those in need in Gaza.

Here’s how you can help:

Donate directly using cryptocurrency: Send your donation to “irc.eth”

Donate via Endaoment or Every.org: These platforms allow for crypto donations with potentially lower fees and tax deductibility (for US donors).

Spread the word: Share this information with your network and encourage others to join the cause.

Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by the crisis in Gaza.

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