Jordan Ahli Bank Becomes First Middle Eastern Bank to Integrate AI in Customer Service with ahliGPT Launch

Jordan Ahli Bank has taken a significant step forward in embracing artificial intelligence (AI) by launching its new system, known as ahliGPT.

This makes it the first bank in the Middle East to adopt AI in its customer service operations.

The bank’s goal is to improve the quality of its services and integrate AI technology into its vision.

AhliGPT offers quick and accurate responses to customer queries and problems related to banking and financial services, benefiting both clients and employees.

Jordan Ahli Bank aims to enhance its operations through the use of new technologies, enabling it to keep pace with the ever-evolving world of AI and financial technology.

In addition, the bank is committed to protecting customer privacy by implementing the latest security standards for the use of AI technology, ensuring the security of customer information and transaction details.

By prioritizing the latest innovations and improving the capabilities of its employees, the bank aims to provide high-quality services that will enhance the customer experience.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hussein, CEO and General Manager of Jordan Ahli Bank, has shared his views on the integration of AI technology in customer service. He highlights the positive impact AI can have on making customer service more efficient, and expresses his optimism about the future of AI in the banking industry.

According to Dr. Al-Hussein, the key to the future of banking lies in the ability to leverage technology to better serve clients.

Jordan Ahli Bank’s decision to adopt AI technologies in customer service is a significant step towards reinforcing its position in the region.

It demonstrates the bank’s commitment to providing modern banking solutions and innovations that go beyond customer expectations.

This initiative will have a positive impact on the development of the financial services sector in the Middle East and will enhance the bank’s competitiveness in an increasingly growing and developed market.

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