KLICKL Gets ADGM In-Principle Approval of the FSP

Klickl, a global virtual asset service provider, has received the in-principle approval (IPA) of the Financial Services Permission (FSP) from Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) to operate as a broker-dealer and to provide custody in the digital asset place.

We are excited that Klickl obtained an IPA from and will soon be part of the thrilling regulated crypto ecosystem in UAE to expand our product and service offering to the entire MENA region.

Michael Zhao, Co-Founder and CEO at Klickl, said “The regulated route is the only route for any crypto company’s growth if it wants to be a serious player for the long run.  Long gone are the days where digital asset players enjoy early-mover advantage benefiting from fast growing bull market. Recent crypto market turbulence and big selloff caused by greed-led FOMO driven sentiment is just another example to show why the market needs proper risk control and compliance.”

Klickl has since the start been actively engaging global regulators as part of its ongoing commitment to uphold global standards and collectively foster the developments and sustainable growth of the crypto ecosystem. ADGM is one of the world’s leading virtual asset regulatory jurisdictions in the region. The issuance of the IPA showcases  Klickl’s commitment to becoming an all-round virtual asset leader within the Abu Dhabi Global Market.

Formerly known as IDCM, the group recently rebranded to Klickl representing the sound coins make when clicking in harmony and prosperity. As the long-standing digital asset exchange platform that pioneered the notion of Alliance Concept (Exchange as a service), the Klickl group has navigated successfully through bull and bear markets for the past five years.

By focusing on building their ecosystem infrastructure, the new Klickl team is working to build a new suite of products, with an aim to deliver that All-in One crypto super app which serves all your crypto needs in the ever-evolving digital era.

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