Kuwait National Investment company to host Blockchain symposium

Kuwait National Investment Company (NIC) held a virtual Blockchain symposium jointly with Pantera Capital. Pantera Capital is a leading company managing institutional assets in the US and specialized in blockchain.

NIC aims at shedding light on Pantera Capital experts’ expectations regarding key topics related to the blockchain industry and the latest developments in the field of financial technology, particularly fintech, NFTs, video games, cryptocurrency, real-life applications, directions of investment and the organizational environment of this industry.

Pantera Capital was founded in 2003 by Dan Morehead, financial president and former president of the macro trading sector of Tiger Management Group, which is the first and largest institutional investor in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It also launched the first investment fund in virtual currency in the US in 2013, when bitcoin’s exchange rate was $65.

It later launched the first investment fund in blockchain technology. In 2017, Pantera Capital was the first company to introduce the early-stage token fund, as the returns of Pantera’s fund in bitcoin reached more than 65,800 percent in eight years, making millions for investors.

Pantera Capital now manages $5.8 billion through its investment in passive investment funds, hedge funds and investment capital, and exclusively focuses on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies.

The virtual symposium includes keynote speeches by CEO and Head of Investment at Pantera Capital Dan Morehead and General Partner at Pantera Capital Paul Veradittakit.

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