Libera Foundation raises investment to start using Web 3.0

UAE, Dubai based Libera Foundation, a data acquisition platform for Emerging Markets, has successfully secured an investment yesterday from GAINS Associates to support the launch of their new product, which will change the supply chain industry.

The Libera Foundation introduced an innovative data acquisition app based on the “Share to Earn” concept, enabling the aggregation, management and analysis of big data systems in retail supply chains. The team at Libera believes that by leveraging Blockchain and AI technologies, the world can begin to make a difference in developing countries.

GAINS Associates, is a pioneering decentralized investment fund that efficiently leverages human capital with suitable value and benefits for blockchain & crypto projects and their community as well.

With Libera’s innovative tool, everyone can make their data work for them. Big data is typically associated with Google collecting data to create a better user experience. The same idea can be related to companies using the same concept to help people who need it most. Libera gives people in Emerging Markets the ability to leverage what they know best: their livelihoods.  

 As per their press release, “by transforming traditional businesses into data-led ones, Libera helps her partners secure better returns while improving lives. Social impact is the reason Libera Foundation was created, but it is also about technology and data. Data that was previously locked away in spreadsheets and voicemails is now available on a single platform, giving companies the vital information needed to grow revenue.”

New investment from GAINS not only allows the opportunity to grow Libera’s community, but further supports the tech team in completing the first market-ready version of the Libera app. The core idea behind it is to help collect the data directly from the small retailers throughout their daily business routine. In exchange for their participation, retailers will get the LIBE token and other custom benefits.

With the help of blockchain, the app validates and collects every bit of data from the purchase like SKU ID, category, price, quantity, time and location. Collected data is further distributed to Libera Data Ocean, which securely stores it.

Libera harnesses the power of AI and ML algorithms to process and structure data to create recommendations, optimize inventories and forecast demand. Using Web 3.0 Libera is able to sell this data further to FinTechs, MNCs, local brands, and distributors.

“Everything we do is for people. After years spent in developing countries, we are excited to introduce the world to Libera. It is indeed a unique product that will prevent people in the foundation of the retail pyramid from being neglected by providing them with the technology and support they need to be successful. We are on a mission to change the world.” – Max Ward, CEO Libera Foundation and supply chain expert.

Libera enables anyone, anywhere in the world, to become a tech entrepreneur by leveraging local skills and resources. It brings together communities around a shared mission to improve lives through technology. Accessible via android smartphone and with a world-class web 3.0 infrastructure to leverage the power of big Data for over a billion consumers.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Libera. Their vision for the future of supply chain is impressive and coincide with our ambitions in this industry. We look forward to supporting Libera as they transform emerging retail supply chains for profit and purpose,” – Alexandre Raffin, CEO Gains.

Libera Foundation has successfully closed $1 million Equity seed round in 2021 and raised more than $500.000 in Libe tokens private pre-sale. The team is currently preparing for TGE on the 15th of May and listing on Dexes planned for July 2022 with the price of 0.0005 per Libe.

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