Mars4 NFT game raises 250K in 24 hours

Mars4, a multi-tiered project that combines NFTs, Crypto and an immersive survival game together, has raised 250 K USD in 24 hours with its Mars land plots selling quickly. Prior to this UAE based Ghaf Capital invested in Mars4 startup. Through mars4.me, users are given a window to a virtual Mars and a host of investment opportunities via the world’s first revenue-generating NFT.

Mars4 NFTs represent geographically-exact plots of land across the face of Mars, created with data from NASA and other space agencies, to be fully realized in modern 3D graphics. The Epoch system is a tiered system that rewards their investors in stages that see better returns the earlier one decides to invest.

According to an article on Bitcoin News, Investors who have purchased Mars4 land NFTs during or before the current Epoch (Epoch 1) will receive 51% of the earnings of the next Epoch (Epoch 2), redistributed in Mars4 Tokens (‘Mars4 dollars’) in one lump sum after the NFTs under that Epoch are sold.

The Epoch System extends from Epoch 0 to Epoch 5 with each Epoch containing a fixed range of NFTs. After an Epoch ends, income generated from that Epoch is always redistributed to NFTs owners who invested in any and all previous Epochs. This system is applied throughout, providing greater returns to investors who hold earlier Epochs.

With over 56,000 NFTs sold, only around 3,000 NFTs remain before the Epoch’s first stage redistribution kicks in. Once Epoch 2 is reached, investors holding the NFTs sold prior to Epoch 1 will receive 51% of the income from Epoch 2’s NFT sales in Mars4 dollars.

Mars4 will be integrating both the Mars4 Token and the Mars4 NFT Land into their upcoming survival game set on the red planet, bringing an entirely new aspect to the investment value of our NFTs and creating an NFT that can generate revenue for its holders.

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