MetaEssence Unveils Digital Twin of Al Fahidi Historical District

Experience the charm of the Al Fahidi Historical District in Dubai, UAE, through a fully replicated digital twin brought to life by MetaEssence.

This vibrant neighborhood, steeped in history with coral-stone buildings dating back to the early 19th century, has transformed into a sought-after tourist hotspot, adorned with museums and art galleries.

In celebration of the UAE’s 52nd National Day, MetaEssence has crafted a 360-degree view of Al Bastakiya or Al Fahidi district, offering a virtual glimpse into its rich heritage. The district’s signature architectural marvels, featuring traditional materials like mud and wood, are magnificently captured in this digital rendition.

Fatma Elsafty, Founder & CEO of MetaEssence, highlighted the significance of digital twin technology in tourism, emphasizing its role in empowering users to simulate visits, curate personalized experiences, and plan vacations seamlessly. She underscored the profound impact of these digital replicas, enabling organizations to elevate services based on user feedback and preferences.

While acknowledging the potential of digital twin technology for enhanced planning and operations, Elsafty also acknowledged the challenges in harnessing its full potential.

She stressed the importance of developing tailored and secure digital twin solutions that seamlessly integrate into daily business operations, ensuring both functionality and security.

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