Middle East Gaming agency partners with Crypto Exchange

Middle East Esports & Gaming Agency (EGA) and crypto exchange BitOasis, have launched integrating cryptocurrency with gaming through its first ever tournament, the ‘BitOasis Rainbow 6 Siege Invitationals.’

BitOasis Rainbow Six Siege Invitationals had the biggest and most elite R6S teams battling it out for bragging rights as well as a prize pool of $5,000. The teams that participated in the tournament were as follows

Osh-Tekk WarriorsFox GamingGeekay EsportsFlank EsportKamikazeOGK4CEAnti-Ranked

With the world quickly adopting cryptocurrency as a norm in the ever-changing face of finance, BitOasis intends to approach gamers in the Middle East through Esports gaming agency. Collaborating with the region’s biggest gaming influencers, BitOasis aims to provide a trustworthy and secure platform for gamers to begin their crypto journey with. Under the campaign, BitOasis will also spearhead crypto education initiatives for gamers to simplify their journey into crypto trading.

Commenting on the partnership, Ola Doudin, BitOasis’s CEO & co-founder said: “We are excited to partner with Esports Gaming agency and usher in a new era where gaming, blockchain technology and virtual assets coincide in the digital ecosystem. Esports and gaming are expected to become crucial drivers of crypto adoption among Gen Z and Millennials. We hope to see the convergence of our two industries building more awareness and engagement around virtual assets within the MENA region.”

Karim Mousa, Director, EGA added “This partnership is a good sign of the increasing interest of brands to invest into the regional esports scene as a tool to connect to wider audiences. We’re very excited to have worked with BitOasis on this esports tournament and influencer campaign”

The invitationals took place during the second weekend of the holy month of Ramadan (14th, 15th & 16th of April) and was live streamed on EGA MENA’s twitch channel Osh-Tekk Warriors didn’t only manage to claim the bragging rights and win the $5,000 prize pool but they are considered the first team to win the region first R6S invitationals!

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