NFT Collection to Raise Funds for Lebanon

The NFT Collection “Bring Back Beirut” is an initiative taken by Sama’ AbdulHadi, the first Palestinian electronic music DJ and producer, to raise funds for Lebanon through concerts and none fungible tokens (NFTs).

Fundraising Initiative

Her fundraising initiative is in partnership with Nusaned, a community-based Lebanese NGO with several programs dedicated to people in need of help. As AbdulHadi states “I’m launching the ‘Bring Back Beirut’ initiative to help Lebanon rise back up on its feet. Beirut needs us! The region is still destroyed in the aftermath of the 2020 explosion. I’ve selected Nusaned to channel all financial proceeds made from the events as I trust the funds will reach those in need”

The initiative was introduced at the Lebanese club Ballroom Blitz when AbdulHadi played an impromptu all-nighter set at their venue. It will launch in London at Phonox on March 12th where sets of the Lebanese DJs ad Taleb, Sam Karam, and Tryangleman. 100% of the booking fees of the launching event at Phonox will be donated. The artists will tour in different regions like Berlin and Paris. AbdulHadi explains “Beirut is my second home, it’s the place where I found myself in music and found my freedom. It’s the least I can do to help highlight the situation.”

NFT Collection Compiled by Artists

In addition, AbdulHadi alongside other Lebanese artists will contribute to an NFT compilation of their electronic music tracks. The NFTs will be sold at Bolero music where the proceeds will be donated to Nusaned. “We are grateful that the renowned international artist Sama’ Abdulhadi has launched her fundraising initiative ‘Bring Back Beirut’ in support of Lebanon in its time of need. We’re honored that she has put her trust in Nusaned by choosing us to be the recipients of the funds raised from her events.” Nusaned explained.

The funds will be directly channeled to Nusaned’s Adopt a Family program that operates in partnership with Act for Lebanon. This program sponsors Lebanese families through financial support during the unprecedented economic hardship the country is facing

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