NFTs Contribute to Treating Children with Cancer in Beirut

The recent adjustments in the NFT market and the broader blockchain space highlight the need for a more sustainable and business-focused approach. Web3, with its decentralized and collaborative ethos, is emerging as the next frontier for businesses.

This shift presents an exciting opportunity for organizations to harness the power of blockchain and NFTs in a more strategic and impactful way.

In the heart of Beirut’s Digital District on October 3, 2023, the non-fungible token (NFT) phenomenon made waves in the world of philanthropy as the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) collaborated with OasisX, an Art & Utility-focused NFT platform, to organize a discussion panel and numerous activities to shed the light on NFTs for a cause.

The event featured key figures such as the co-founder of OasisX, Jimi Ibrahim, Mr. Mohammad Al-Husseini from Binance, Lebanese artist Saad Ramadan, and CCCL’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Georgette Aoude.

The primary objective of this event was to launch the CCCL NFT project aiming to raise funds for children battling cancer in Lebanon by leveraging NFTs as assets. Mr. Jimi Ibrahim, opening the discussion, warmly welcomed the attendees and highlighted the humanitarian purpose behind this event. He emphasized the need for a sustainable and strategic approach to harnessing the power of blockchain and NFTs to treat cancer-stricken children in Lebanon.

Providing an introduction to blockchain technology, upon which NFTs are built, Mr. Mohammad Al-Husseini from Binance explained that blockchain ensures transparency in any transaction, be it digital currency trading or the exchange of non-fungible assets.

He emphasized the humanitarian goal that unites technology enthusiasts at this event, stating, “Through Binance Charity”, anyone can donate cryptocurrency, ensuring that the amount goes directly to the organization, and donors can track it to ensure it reaches the intended recipients without intermediaries or third parties. Thus, we are encouraging others to donate by embracing this technology.”

Notably, artist Saad Ramadan’s presence was significant, as he is a staunch supporter of the Children’s Cancer Center and an enthusiast of NFTs. He praised the role of NFTs in raising donations as an innovative and modern approach rooted in humanitarian principles. The children’s artwork, representing stages of their treatment, has been transformed into NFTs.

Regarding the CCCL’s adoption of non-fungible asset technology and preparing for the mint day in December, Marketing Manager Georgette Aoude explained, “The idea of entering the world of non-fungible assets arose amidst successive crises. We discovered that the NFT world is vast and includes many generous donors. Therefore, we decided to convert our children’s artwork throughout wellness programs during treatment into non-fungible assets and, consequently, leverage them to collect donations that go 100% for their treatment. In doing so, we are nurturing our children’s talents and raising funds for their treatment simultaneously.”

This event exemplified how NFTs, as part of the Web3 paradigm, are not only reshaping business landscapes but also serving as a powerful tool for philanthropy, making a significant positive impact on the lives of those in need.

OasisX’s Vision for the Future of Web3 and NFTs

During our conversation with CEO Najib Khanafer, he shared OasisX’s vision for the future of Web3 and NFTs. As the interview progressed, it became evident that OasisX’s role extends far beyond being a mere service provider — it’s a strategic partner for businesses looking to thrive in the Web3 landscape.

OasisX’s commitment to facilitating the transition to Web3 for brands and organizations in MENA reflects a broader industry shift towards a more sustainable and strategic approach to blockchain and NFT adoption.

Khanafer also emphasized that the recent adjustments in the NFT market and the broader blockchain space have underscored the importance of a sustainable and business-focused approach. He believes that Web3, with its decentralized and collaborative ethos, is poised to be the next wave of adoption for businesses worldwide.

With this in mind, it’s clear that Web3 has already shaken up numerous industries, and there’s even more excitement on the horizon. Hopefully, we’ll see it put to use for noble causes, including those that can save lives

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