Octopus multichain crypto network sponsor AIBC in Dubai

Octopus Network a multichain cryptonetowork, is sponsoring and exhibiting at 2022 AIBC UAE in Dubai, March 20-23 2022.

The Octopus Network is a multichain cryptonetwork for launching and running Substrate-based application-specific blockchains — appchains. Appchains in the Octopus Network benefit from flexible and cost-effective leased security (LPoS), out-of-the-box multichain interoperability, complete infrastructure, and a ready-to-be-engaged community.

An appchain, or application-specific blockchain, is an independent blockchain specifically used for a certain set of custom-designed applications. Appchains allow developers many options for optimization in the design of their application chains, such as governance frameworks and economic models — including those at the bottom of the technology stack.

Octopus Network believes that the most suitable technology stack for blockchain gaming is an EVM-compatible application chain because, after seven years of development, EVM has had time to shake out bugs, to become the most mature, reliable, and mainstream. Although an Appchain with EVM is developed with smart contracts, it can still enjoy the benefits of one application per chain such as faster processing capabilities and full customization potential to achieve the best user experience.

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