One Boost crypto mining entity opens in UAE

One Boost, Digital asset Management company that provides solutions to increase the profitability of crypto assets and mining has opened their office in the UAE in 2021 with intention to develop crypto mining business and crypto asset products.

As per their website they are a team of engineers and developers whose goal is to provide infrastructure
in the field of mining and cryptocurrency using advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, Bitcoin and high performance computing.

To date One Boost have sold 120,000 Bitcoin equipment and have mined 530 BTC through their mining pools.

They recently developed a product called CoinBoost AI. a mobile application developed which analyzes cryptomarket using AI, games theory and stochastic process, and generates a forecast with incredible accuracy.

Crypto mining in the UAE has grown over the past few years, and UAE group is building one of the biggest mining farms in the globe from Abu Dhabi. In addition entities such as Viperatech and Blocklabs have also opened up their presence in the UAE.

With the recent launch of the Dubai Virtual assets law and its regulator, it is expected that crypto mining as well will grow further in the UAE.

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