Pioneering Loyalty: ENOC’s Bold Step with Loyyal, According to Zaid Alqufaidi

In a bold move towards innovation, ENOC Group, a stalwart in the energy sector, has embarked on a transformative journey by partnering with Loyyal, a pioneering force in technology solutions. This groundbreaking collaboration heralds a new era for ENOC’s acclaimed ‘YES’ Rewards program, promising unprecedented opportunities for its members and reshaping the landscape of loyalty programs in the UAE. Unlock Blockchain had the chance to uncover the profound impact of this groundbreaking collaboration when we discuss it with Zaid Alqufaidi, the Managing Director of ENOC Retail.

Aligning with UAE’s Vision of Technological Leadership

“ENOC’s partnership with Loyyal represents our commitment to fostering a responsible and eco-conscious digital ecosystem, in alignment with the nation’s aspirations to lead the future of finance and technology,” states Zaid Alqufaidi, Managing Director of ENOC Retail.

Alqufaidi elaborates on the alignment of the blockchain-based loyalty program with the UAE’s vision, emphasizing, “The global financial landscape is undergoing significant transformation driven by unprecedented digital payment adoption. The UAE is a frontrunner in the global digital payments market and is today redefining the future of finance by embracing innovative blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.”

“The introduction of a blockchain points exchange platform enables Yes Rewards to become a far more agile program, allowing for partnership complexities and legalities around point swaps on a single platform,” Alqufaidi explains. “Under ENOC Group’s digital transformation strategy, we remain committed to fostering a responsible and eco-conscious digital landscape.”

Benefits of Collaboration: Empowering Members and Expanding Horizons

“Loyyal’s Access Point platform organically expands our partner network, offering an extensive ecosystem for our customers to enjoy a wide spectrum of loyalty benefits,” notes Alqufaidi. “Members can now earn points from a variety of new merchants outside of the ENOC ecosystem, allowing them to accumulate points faster.”

Alqufaidi further elaborates on the collaboration’s benefits, stating, “The platform is built on Loyyal’s proprietary blockchain technology, delivering decentralized ledger technology combined with tokenized loyalty to drive greater efficiency, transparency, and complete traceability combined with fully governed automated smart contracts.”

Long-term Customer Engagement: Navigating the Digital Landscape

“Our collaboration with Loyyal underpins our commitment to reshape customer engagement experiences,” Alqufaidi emphasizes. “Prioritizing the needs of our customers and leveraging optimized digital solutions, we aim to set new benchmarks for excellence in the UAE’s dynamic marketplace.”

Alqufaidi envisions the role of YES Rewards in ENOC’s long-term customer engagement strategy, stating, “Digitalization is a key enabler of our customer engagement strategy. By integrating technology to enhance our customer interactions, we are focused on creating a brand experience that’s interactive and customer-centric.”

Ensuring Data Security and Profitability

“Data security and customer privacy are paramount for ENOC,” assures Alqufaidi. “The blockchain adds another strong layer, ensuring transparency and complete data security for all our members.”

Alqufaidi also elaborates on profitability, stating, “Our collaboration with Loyyal’s wider ecosystem ensures that ‘YES’ Rewards emerges as a beacon of profitability and sustainability. By enabling swift partnerships and facilitating cost-effective operations, Loyyal’s platform revolutionizes the economics of loyalty programs.”

In essence, ENOC’s partnership with Loyyal signifies a bold step towards redefining loyalty in the digital age, unlocking a future where innovation, customer-centricity, and technological prowess converge to create unparalleled value for members and stakeholders alike.

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