Powerful Technology and Storytelling Unite in Exclusive Interview with Renowned Producers Arabian Prince and Fernando Garibay

In the realm of music, exists an ever-evolving dialogue between creativity and technology. A conversation recently brought to light in a remarkable collaboration between Arabian Prince and Fernando Garibay – two music producers from different generations whose paths converged to discuss the symbiotic relationship between technology and the creative process.

The significance of this meeting cannot be overstated, for it unravels a dialogue that touches upon the heart of modern music innovation and its intricate connection with technology.


Arabian Prince is a founding member of N.W.A., a group that catalyzed the evolution of Gangsta Rap with their iconic album “Straight Outta Compton.” This record laid the foundation upon which all subsequent rap music would be built. Decades later, the album’s raw energy continues to resonate with audiences.

Similarly, Fernando Garibay, celebrated for his production of Lady Gaga‘s transformative early albums, has worked with numerous artists over the past two decades, shaping musical landscapes and pushing boundaries. His Grammy Award-winning work on “Born This Way” solidified his status as a creative force.

A Fusion of Tech and Creativity

Oscar Wendel, Senior Manager at Dubai World Trade Centre, brought Arabian Prince and Fernando Garibay together. When they talked later, they realized that technology and creativity can work together to make art even better. It’s not like they fight against each other, but instead, they mix up to make things more special and exciting.

Fernando’s early influences, including the timeless melodies of ABBA, instilled in him a deep understanding of the emotional language inherent in music. He recognized that technology, while able to compute patterns and structure, falls short in capturing the sentient, emotional essence that defines great music. The Garibay Institute, a creative haven, emphasizes that technology is a tool, while the artist remains the true instrument capable of translating patterns into feelings.

Narrating Reality through Music

Arabian Prince asserted that technology is an invaluable companion but cannot replace the authenticity and humanity that artists bring to their work. The narrative that permeates music—stories of struggle, triumph, and everyday life—cannot be replicated by algorithms. The experiences that shaped “Straight Outta Compton” could never be accurately conveyed by AI, as the album emerged from lived experiences.

Fernando’s creative studio underlines the importance of embracing challenges to fuel artistic output. Minorities and marginalized communities often bear the weight of adversity, fostering profound creativity. In these trials, artists find context and the motivation to shape new realities through their music.

Shaping Hits and Crafting Realities

The conversation between the two visionaries revealed the essence of creating hits. Fernando shared insights from research indicating that the distribution model plays a pivotal role, accounting for 90% of a hit’s success. Yet, the core of a hit lies in crafting a genuine story that resonates with audiences, fostering a connection that goes beyond the superficial. Artists must showcase a reality that is both authentic and aspirational, leading audiences to adopt it as their own.

In other ways, Arabian Prince’s journey as an “unofficial ambassador” of Los Angeles with N.W.A. and Fernando’s transformative work with Lady Gaga demonstrate that music can create entire worlds—realities that captivate listeners and transport them beyond their immediate surroundings.

Looking Ahead: Bigger, Balder, Better

As Arabian Prince and Fernando Garibay continue to collaborate and innovate, their meeting sets the stage for an even grander spectacle. OG Arabian Prince and Fernando Garibay will be part of the stellar line-up at Future Blockchain Summit, from 15 to 18 October at the iconic Dubai Harbour, alongside Expand North Star and part of GITEX Global at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

Arabian Prince and Fernando Garibay are poised to deliver a musical experience that transcends eras and genres. Their aim is to invite the audience into the creative process, turning spectators into participants in the art of storytelling through music.

In a world shaped by technology and driven by creativity, the intersection of these forces brings forth artistic marvels that challenge convention and redefine possibilities. As Arabian Prince and Fernando Garibay embark on their journey, they remind us that music remains a timeless language, a mirror reflecting the spectrum of human emotions, and a canvas onto which the strokes of technology can turn into masterpieces.

Full interview here.

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