Quantum Works crypto game opens up in UAE

Quantum Works, a crypto video game company previously based in Scotland, announced on its medium page that it now has a presence in the UAE out of Dubai DMCC ( Dubai Multi Commodities Center). As per their post they were actually headhunted by DMCC. In a statement made on the medium post, the company states, “In case you’re wondering how it feels to be headhunted to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry…it’s pretty awesome.”

According to Quantum Works, DMCC was the perfect location to open in UAE, as it aims to provide companies with the talent, channels and funding to set up, grow and thrive as a business with its recent opening up to the crypto space. DMCC has partnered with CV VC (Crypto-Valley Venture Capital) and CV Labs to launch the crypto center we now call home.

The article goes on to states, “The move to Dubai removed some heavy chains for Quantum Works. As our snowball of a video game barrels toward the future, it was weighed down by all of the red tape the UK has for crypto. In a space where business developments happen at lightning speeds, wading through the legal gray areas is detrimental. Dubai is ahead of the global curve when it comes to crypto taxes and legislation. It’s for this reason that the best minds in the industry are flocking to the same building we now work in.”

According to Quantum Works, the move will allow them to develop their game faster and avoid legal quicksand.

Project Quantum is supposedly taking AAA gaming into the 21st Century with their unique IP powered by Unreal Engine 5 and cryptocurrency is at the core of its economy. Their model allows gamers to enjoy the high stakes competitive action of a AAA first person shooter, while simultaneously earning real-world currency.

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