Saqr Ereiqat Takes International Helm as CEO of TDMM and Partner at TradeDog Group

Saqr Ereiqat, a prominent figure in the Middle East blockchain sector and co-founder of Crypto Oasis Ventures, has recently taken on the role of Chief Executive Officer at TDMM and joined TradeDog Group (TDG) as a partner, signifying a strategic shift towards a more internationally focused position.

Ereiqat brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and vision to both TDMM and TradeDog Group, backed by a proven track record of delivering results, fostering innovation, and cultivating a culture of excellence and collaboration. Under Ereiqat’s leadership, TDMM and TradeDog Group are poised to broaden their impact and influence in the blockchain and digital assets market.

Headquartered in India, TDMM operates support groups across 20+ countries, serving over 40 clients in Defi, GameFi, and Infrastructure. The company has an outstanding track record, utilizing high-frequency trading (HFT) infrastructure with seven teams comprising over 30 professionals providing round-the-clock coverage.

TDMM benefits from the robust ecosystem of TradeDog Group, an institutional-grade financial services firm that invests in digital assets and supports new startups. Ereiqat expressed his enthusiasm and vision for the future in his new role:

“I am thrilled and honoured to join TDMM as its new CEO and the TradeDog Group as a partner. I look forward to working with the team to build scalable liquidity on digital assets, position ourselves as global leaders, and create value for our clients, partners, and stakeholders.”

Gaurav Dubey, the founder and chairman of TradeDog Group, conveyed his excitement about Ereiqat’s appointment:

“We are delighted to welcome Saqr Ereiqat as our new CEO and partner. After all, the TradeDog group is nothing but a few distinguished leaders like Saqr, who are determined to add value to the world and make finance as accessible as food to the 8 Billion people of the world. We are excited to have him and empowered now, more than ever, to achieve greater heights.”

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