Saudi Arabia Claims Top Spot in Global AI Competition

The World Artificial Intelligence Competition for Youth (WAICY), hosted at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) from December 2nd to 3rd, witnessed an outstanding triumph by Saudi Arabia, securing the highest number of medals among participating nations.

The announcement of the results, revealed by WAICY on X, unveiled Saudi Arabia’s remarkable success, claiming a total of 11 medals.

Following closely behind, the United States secured 10 medals, while India and Greece were honored with two medals each. Canada and Singapore clinched one medal each, adding to the diverse range of countries recognized for their achievements.

Over 18,000 students representing 40 nations converged in the Kingdom to participate in this groundbreaking event organized by the Saudi Data and AI Authority (SDAIA) in partnership with KAUST.

Students from various educational levels – spanning elementary, middle, and high school – hailing from esteemed institutions such as Misk, Dhahran, Madac, Aramco, AlUla, NEOM, and KAUST, proudly represented Saudi Arabia across three competition tracks: AI showcase, AI-generated art, and AI large language model.

Acknowledging the exceptional efforts and dedication demonstrated in fostering AI education, SDAIA and KAUST were honored with the prestigious global outstanding organization award, according to Arab News.

This competition stands as one of the world’s largest platforms, and SDAIA’s pioneering initiative underscores its commitment to empowering young Saudi talents.

The strategic adoption of WAICY aims not only to familiarize Saudi youth with AI technology but also to instill a profound understanding of its significance and its multifaceted impact on various spheres of life. More importantly, it serves as a catalyst, urging enthusiastic participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

The adaptation and leadership shown by SDAIA in steering this competition forward serve as a testament to the Kingdom’s vision in nurturing its young citizens, equipping them with essential experiences, and paving the way for their engagement in the dynamic world of AI technology.

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