Saudi Arabia Launches World’s First National Cultural Metaverse Platform

The Saudi Ministry of Culture announced the groundbreaking launch of the world’s first national initiative in the Metaverse, supported by the Generative Media Intelligence (GMI) artificial intelligence system. This initiative is a collaboration with droppGroup, introducing the world’s first ‘Phygital‘ Metaverse utilizing Hyperledger Fabric 2.5 blockchain technology, manifested through the Saudi Heritage Metaverse platform.

The platform is a fusion of cultural showcases, performances, and digital innovations powered by GMI technology. It features a dynamic digital environment where users can engage in various real-life activities, particularly celebrating the Kingdom’s Founding Day.

The offerings include immersive cultural experiences such as the History Walk, dedicated sectors for music, art, history, culinary arts, crafts, and even mini-video games. The Performance Center will live-stream events, including the Founding Day Commencement Symphony Concert on the ministry’s Metaverse platform.

This fully immersive, web-based Metaverse platform is Mobile XR-ready, ensuring accessibility across diverse devices like mobile phones, VR headsets, desktops, and other digital devices. The Ministry of Culture emphasizes inclusivity, enabling a global audience to seamlessly enter the Metaverse and explore Saudi culture’s rich history.

The initiative marks a significant turning point in cultural participation, allowing millions from the Kingdom and around the world to experience Saudi events in the Metaverse. It signifies a major leap forward in the future of cultural expression and participation, showcasing the Ministry of Culture’s commitment to inclusivity and paving the way for a diverse global audience to engage with and appreciate Saudi culture.

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